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Adding Extra To The Ordinary

Art is a pathway to the human spirit. It has the power to inspire emotions, teach concepts, motivate change, challenge perspectives, question beliefs, deepen understanding, and more. It can bring special moments to remembrance and form new unforgettable memories. Art in public places has that same power and is accessible to everyone. Like artwork in a home, public art enhances a community’s beauty and charm and illustrates personality and value. Public art is just plain fun and adds some extra to the ordinary. There’s…

Casperville Road Museum

By Noni Henderson Driving along Casperville Road, you may notice the eye-catching memorabilia on display and wonder what exactly you are seeing. On this back road is a unique treasure trove of antiques, each with a story full of memories, history, and knowledge of our incredible valley, you likely won’t find anywhere else. It was a gusty, freezing spring morning when I stopped at John Besendorfer’s Casperville Road Museum, as he calls it. I had dressed warmly, knowing that once we started the tour, there would be so much…

Valoy Eaton

Sunlight softly filters through the branches of a mulberry tree, creating mesmerizing shapes of light and shadow. A young Valoy Eaton stands below the tree captivated by all he sees. Now, at age 82, that fascination with light, shapes, and shadows continues to be an integral part of him. He says that when it comes to being an artist, “The seeing is really important.” His ability to see and appreciate his surroundings, along with good old-fashioned hard work, has earned him his livelihood and a 50-year career as an artist.…

Charley Jenkins

These are the things that country musician and Heber Valley resident Charley Jenkins wants his music to convey. For Jenkins, creating this type of music had to come from a real place. Home. Jenkins grew up not too far from the Heber Valley in the small rural town of Roosevelt, Utah. Like most folks in his town, country living was just part of everyday life. His family ran a small cattle ranch. He wrestled and rodeoed in high school and just enjoyed the charm of living in a small town. When it comes to writing

Waddie Mitchell

What’s in a Name? When Shakespeare penned those words he was asking does a name really matter? For Bruce Douglas “Waddie” Mitchell, it’s a safe wager his answer is yes.  As a young buckaroo growing up on a remote ranch near Elko, Nevada, Bruce was his dad’s right-hand man. “The hired hands around the ranch always called me ‘Doug’s Little Waddie,’” he says. “They’d shout out, ‘Hey Little Waddie,’ and as I grew up it was still Little Waddie until all of a sudden it was just Waddie.” You can hear

Welcome to Fran’s Roots and Wings

If you’re ever driving east on Center Street in Heber and notice the cutest aqua and white retro trailer and cheerful garden, be sure to stop by. Inside the refurbished vintage trailer named “Frankie” you’ll find the sweet and welcoming owner of Fran’s Roots and Wings ready to inspire you with beautiful flowers, homemade items and lively conversation. An unexpected career change brought Fran Naffziger and her husband Royce to the Heber Valley. Even though Fran was heartbroken to leave her Montana home of over 40

Bringing California Ink To The HV

Dave Brewer is a tattoo artist from a different time. Listening to him talk about tattooing is like listening to any serious artist – he’s passionate about his craft and works hard to create in a way that honors its origins. For the Brewers, tattooing is a family business. Born in Whittier, Calif., Dave Brewer began tattooing in 1991, and in 1996, he opened Trigger Happy Tattoo in nearby La Habra. In those early days, Brewer took his young son, Dalton, to work with him every day after kindergarten. Dalton

Master Of Murals

At four years old, Skye Walker did something that would change the course of his life. He picked up a crayon and began coloring. He’s been coloring and creating ever since. In June 2018, Skye hit the road in his Sprinter Van — appropriately and cleverly named “Vango” — for a yearlong “Sea2Sea Mural Tour.” Ten months, 17,000 miles and 23 murals later, Skye Walker found himself in the Heber Valley. Skye wasn’t lost. Quite the contrary: the stars had aligned to get him here. One month before he left on his tour,

Susette Gertsch: Midway Artist, Teacher And Originator

You can tell a lot about a person from his or her front porch. A floral welcome mat makes you think of a cheery household inside. Loud barking keeps you away from the porch altogether! But an eclectic covered porch with a casual arrangement that includes a child’s chair complete with a ragdoll, a grouping of apples in a tin pail and a little hide-away house that’s now home to a stray cat, you know this is the home of an artist. Susette Gertsch, of the truck seen on Homestead Drive which has the sign

Heber Valley Choir + Orchestra

The Hills And Valley Are Alive With Music There is a certain excitement before a concert begins. It starts with the rustle of chairs being moved. Next comes the trill of an oboe; soon followed by some strings and a final flourish of the timpani. The lights dim, maestro Heather Thaxton arrives, and a baton is raised. For a brief moment there is quiet anticipation… nothing but anticipation. Suddenly, the magic begins. Heber Valley Choir and Orchestra has been making magic with their music in the valley since

Art Among Us

The Heber Valley is home to many artists and art displays where residents and visitors alike are privileged to view beautiful creations on a daily basis.  Our local statues are among the striking art we take for granted in the valley, as they are almost too easily overlooked in public places. A careful scan of our lovely community, however, will uncover some of these amazing pieces of art — and reveal the history they portray and the stories of how they came to be. 1. The Blue Boar The first bronze

Capturing Fall

It’s officially fall and that means gorgeous colors are all over the Heber Valley! Here are some tips to capturing great photos of the spectacular colors this autumn. Location. Location. Location! With so many accessible places in the Heber Valley, here is a list of my favorite spots to photograph fall colors with super results. Up the road from Currant Creek (via Lake Creek) to Strawberry Reservoir there are a couple of patches of rare maverick red aspens. These vibrant red and orange aspens are right on the side of the…

A Creative Triple Threat: Krazy Ani

Before Kristen Lloyd was Krazy Ani, she was Kristen Johnson — one of four siblings who wrangled their penchant for performance into a family wild west show in Georgetown, Idaho. Kristen and her sisters moved to Heber City in 2011 and the Heber Valley Railroad had a job opening that, in hindsight, seems like kismet. Kristen began working for the railroad as an actor. From the beginning, her character Krazy Ani provided a welcome diversion to train tours, shaking up passengers with a convincing yet all-in-good-fun train…

En Plein Air

If you happened to be in the Heber Valley June 29 – July 4 this year, you may have noticed scores of people scattered along the roadsides and perched in the middle of fields, gazing at easels with a pallet and brush in hand. As odd as this might have seemed, it’s a yearly occurrence. This summer marked the 13th year in which professional and amateur artists alike gathered in the Heber Valley to take advantage of the beautiful landscape and continue the age-old tradition of painting en plein air. The 2018 Wasatch Plein…

Jason Quinn

Raised in the Heber Valley, Jason Quinn is a 1991 graduate of Wasatch High School. His close connection to the valley doesn’t end there, as two of his murals still grace the walls of area schools. Quinn’s work expresses an optimistic and youthful style that is at once precise and unbridled. His mural at Rocky Mountain Middle School features a woodland scene filled with references from 50 beloved children’s stories. The 25-foot-wide, airbrush and acrylic piece took six months to paint after two years of conceptual…

Meet Greg Wilson

As a self-taught artist of both photograph and paint mediums, Greg Wilson presents a life-like style and precision to his work. Such an understanding could only come from spending countless hours observing and documenting rarely glimpsed animals in their natural habitats.