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Master Of Murals

At four years old, Skye Walker did something that would change the course of his life. He picked up a crayon and began coloring. He’s been coloring and creating ever since. In June 2018, Skye hit the road in his Sprinter Van —

Heber Valley Choir + Orchestra

The Hills And Valley Are Alive With Music There is a certain excitement before a concert begins. It starts with the rustle of chairs being moved. Next comes the trill of an oboe; soon followed by some strings and a final flourish

Art Among Us

The Heber Valley is home to many artists and art displays where residents and visitors alike are privileged to view beautiful creations on a daily basis.  Our local statues are among the striking art we take for granted in the

Capturing Fall

It’s officially fall and that means gorgeous colors are all over the Heber Valley! Here are some tips to capturing great photos of the spectacular colors this autumn. Location. Location. Location! With so many accessible places in the…

En Plein Air

If you happened to be in the Heber Valley June 29 – July 4 this year, you may have noticed scores of people scattered along the roadsides and perched in the middle of fields, gazing at easels with a pallet and brush in hand. As odd as…

Jason Quinn

Raised in the Heber Valley, Jason Quinn is a 1991 graduate of Wasatch High School. His close connection to the valley doesn’t end there, as two of his murals still grace the walls of area schools. Quinn’s work expresses an optimistic and…

Meet Greg Wilson

As a self-taught artist of both photograph and paint mediums, Greg Wilson presents a life-like style and precision to his work. Such an understanding could only come from spending countless hours observing and documenting rarely glimpsed…