Our Roots

Heber Valley is a nationally-known destination. According to U.S. Census data, Heber City is the third-fastest growing city of its size and was recently chosen to be one of the happiest places to live by Home Beautiful. With this recognition and the steady stream of new residents, the valley is experiencing challenges that go along with growth. While each of us may have a different vision of what that growth should look like, we want to embrace the new diversity and celebrate what makes our valley and its history unique. Our hope is to provide a vibrant community voice that recognizes that the things that bring us together greatly outnumber those that divide us.

Our Reach

26,000 Readers Annually.
Heber Valley Life magazine is circulated to over 6,500 readers each season. As a local lifestyle publication, our focus is on adventure, food and drink, arts and culture, health and wellness, community news, our neighbors and real estate.

For advertisers looking to reach Wasatch County customers with a professional polish and a positive local voice, Heber Valley Life is unmatched.

Our Delivery

Direct Mail
Heber Valley Life magazine is mailed to approximately 14,000 residential homes and businesses annually. At least one complimentary copy will be delivered to every physical mailbox in Wasatch County each calendar year.

Subscribers are the first to receive magazines each season. With a spotlight on the Heber Valley, our reach has expanded nationwide with subscribers from coast-to-coast.

Digital Access
Readers can browse a digital copy of the current magazine and all back issues by using our online magazine viewer at hebervalleylife.com. Readers can also view individual articles from past and present issues, as well as online exclusives and current events articles, which are posted regularly to our website in a social media-sharable format.


Select Retail Outlets in the Heber Valley
Copies retail for $5/each. Vendors include Lee’s Marketplace and a selection of approximately 15 strategically-targeted local businesses.

Transient Rooms in Wasatch County
Heber Valley Life is circulated in every hotel room at the Zermatt Resort, Homestead Resort, guests of the Mountain Valley RV Resort and select local bed and breakfasts within Wasatch County — reaching a captive audience of visitors looking for things to do in the Heber Valley.

Heber Valley Visitor Center & Local Vendor Partnerships
Copies of Heber Valley Life are pre-purchased by the HV Chamber of Commerce and distributed in welcome packets to both new members and residents of the HV. The Intermountain Heber Valley Hospital and additional sponsors also purchase copies to distribute in their facilities as gifts to their respective clientele.

The Gist

Our hope is to capture our local flavor, making impactful connections between Heber Valley’s rich history, the present day and the future we hope to create. Each Heber Valley Life publication will include coverage from the following areas of our community:


Food & Drink

Health & Wellness

Arts & Culture

Real Estate

Community News

Our Neighbors

Resource Guide

Our Crew

Heber Valley Life magazine is published by Ignition Creative Group. As a champion of small business and community, Ignition is excited to bring a decade of publication experience to our positive community voice magazine.

Ryan Bunnell

Ryan is an experienced ski instructor and fly fishing guide. He discovered the HV while pursuing these passions and made it his home in 2003. Ryan earned a BFA degree in 2D / Painting while studying at Western State Colorado University. Ryan is also the father of three healthy, spirited and rambunctious children that are balancing all the scales in their grandparents’ eyes.

Kristin Bunnell

Kristin grew up in Calgary, Alberta, and migrated south to Utah in 1997 for education and warmer temperatures. She earned a BS degree from the University of Utah. Kristin fell in love with the HV in 2006, where she also met her husband Ryan and made it her home. When she isn’t chasing around three children and two dogs — she satisfies her need for speed on her bicycle, paddleboard and skis.

Loralie Pearce

Loralie and her husband spent their dating years traversing local mountains and are blessed to call this place home. Loralie is a wife, mother, freelance writer and author of children’s picture books and MG/YA novels.

Karyn Anderson

Karyn grew up in Utah and finally found her way to the HV in 2016 with her husband and 7 children, ages 2-27. Karyn has a BS in Special Education and a JD in law, but she mostly makes food and drives kids around.

Our Manifesto

We believe that bigger isn’t always better and that there is something inherently good in a day’s hard work. We believe that friends can be found in the most unlikely of places and that nothing matters more than family. We believe that each and every day is a gift full of potential and that miracles are mixed in with the every day scenery.

We believe in seeking the balance between play and hard work: a lazy Saturday making turns on the ski slopes or casting a fly at a rising trout in the middle of a hatch; working long hours with impending deadlines or calling in on a weekend to make sure a project is buttoned up. We believe failure is success as long as we learn from it. We believe in doing our best and taking any who’ll join us along for the ride.

We believe in grit, faith, and in sending it past our comfort zone in order to try something that scares us every day. We believe that joy is found in simplicity. We believe that beauty surrounds us. We believe in celebrating history in the making. We love where we live, we live where we love. We believe in the “joie de vivre!”

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