Welcome to Fran’s Roots and Wings

If you’re ever driving east on Center Street in Heber and notice the cutest aqua and white retro trailer and cheerful garden, be sure to stop by. Inside the refurbished vintage trailer named “Frankie” you’ll find the sweet and welcoming owner of Fran’s Roots and Wings ready to inspire you with beautiful flowers, homemade items and lively conversation.

An unexpected career change brought Fran Naffziger and her husband Royce to the Heber Valley. Even though Fran was heartbroken to leave her Montana home of over 40 years, she soon felt the love for the valley that every Heberite experiences, and knew that this was the place she was supposed to put down new roots. 

Fran comes from a long line of gardeners and farmers, and has obviously inherited her love of growing from them. She named her vintage trailer after her grandfather Frank, and joyfully reminisces about her childhood spent gathering and harvesting in the early morning hours in order to sell their bounty in front of his roadside flower garden. Growing up, Fran was also the one who made family weddings beautiful by sewing pretty dresses and taking care of the setup and catering.

Her expertise, however, was flowers.

Making Friends, Meeting Neighbors

On Fran’s first day in the valley, she recognized there was a need for a floral shop and had plans to open her own — until she saw a newly-opened floral business and thought, “that’s that.” She didn’t think about it again until three springs ago when she was creating bouquets from her garden and felt very inspired to place them on a table in front of her house to sell.

She sold them all. And then again the next day. She has been selling flowers and such ever since.

“I feel like there is a bigger plan for me here,” Fran says. “I love every day.”

Fran hopes to pass along the strong work ethic and old-fashioned values she herself learned from her grandfather. The mother of seven, grandmother of 15 and great grandmother of 10 shares her shop and garden with her grandchildren every weekend.

Living in the Heber Valley, Fran feels, has made her into a better person simply from interacting with the people that stop in at her shop. She has met incredible people who have lived here their entire lives and people who have just moved to the valley. She loves the experiences and growth she has had in her new home and takes joy in meeting new people every day.

Finding Joy in Frankie

Fran’s shop features bouquets, corsages, plants, organic healing salves, bath salts and rose petal jelly — all made by Fran — as well as other unique items such as olive wood cutting boards, dishes, cute kitchen items and eggs from her chickens.

The ultimate goal for Fran’s home shop, however, has always been for all of her customers, friends and passersby to find joy and peace in her little haven and surrounding garden.

In that goal, she has definitely succeeded. Once you step foot inside Frankie, the sounds of Center Street traffic fade, worries are lessened, and conversation and smiles come easily. Fran may have left a little piece of her heart in Montana, but she has definitely found her wings to fly — and fertile ground for strong roots — right here in the Heber Valley.