Charitable Acts Theatre.

Performing Acts of Love.

Is love a noun or a verb? It’s both. When someone is moved, inspired, or connected, powerful forces of positive possibilities are created. Love is the greatest energy, power, and motivator in the universe. Humanity likes to see, hear, feel, and do, and when all those experiences come into play, something special happens — Charitable Acts Theatre does just that.

Their Story

Charitable Acts Theatre was created by Carrie Zabaldo, after considering ways she could make a difference. With many generous organizations already established, Carrie wondered how she could create something unique that would help the community. The thought of using her personal experiences, knowledge, gifts, and talents was the answer. Carrie grew up in Twin Falls, Idaho, and, as a young girl, participated in community theatre with her mom and siblings. At age twelve, she started doing a show every summer and fell in love with community theatre. After earning an associate degree in theater, she discovered a new love and priority: raising a family with her husband, Nathan. As her children started getting older, the desire to perform more service that would make an impact grew stronger. Carrie believes abilities and desires are given to everyone for the simple purpose of making a difference in each other’s lives.

Blending entertainment with donations to charities is a special combination. Carrie explains, “I think the arts can make a difference in impactful ways. Through the arts, we can build bridges, knock down walls, and, at the same time, help people who are in need. I feel like I put myself in other people’s shoes because of my own experiences, so, like most people, I want to help where I can. I feel when we have talents or life skills or even just a basic desire to make a difference, we have a responsibility to follow through. That’s what enriches our lives. That’s what makes life meaningful.”

Carrie and Nathan Zabaldo moved to the Heber Valley from Oregon in 2020. Because of the pandemic, Nate was able to work from home, which set the stage to live anywhere. The couple began searching and scouting out places to live. In addition to wanting to be closer to extended family members, they also wanted to live somewhere family-oriented.

After visiting various states and a few Utah cities, the drive through Provo Canyon towards Wasatch County felt like a call home. Once here, she met other like-minded, service-oriented people who encouraged her to move forward. She began networking with others, and in two short years, her vision became a reality. Charitable Acts Theatre is a 501c3 non-profit organization that donates 100% of its ticket sales to other local non-profit causes. In 2022, Charitable Acts Theatre went from being a good idea to a reality with their first show, Steel Magnolias, benefiting local charity The Horse of Many Colors. In 2023, the cast and audiences of Arsenic and Old Lace supported the local Community Action Food Bank. This summer, Our Town, will contribute to the Wasatch Community Foundation.

Our Town is an ideal play for Charitable Acts because it’s a reflective and touching story about life and love. Written by American playwright Thornton Wilder in 1938, the play takes place in the early 1900s. The set and props are minimalistic, so the focus stays on the characters and theme. It’s simple and raw. Because it’s considered a classic, it drew many talented and even some professional actors throughout the valley to the auditions, which makes for an amazing cast. Performances are at Midway Town Hall. The stage will be on the floor, set up like a black box theatre with risers. In this way, the audience has a more intimate experience by seeing the actors’ facial expressions and getting the full dramatic effect. There won’t be a bad seat in the house.

Carrie expounds, “It’s a play with heart. It’s a play where his [Wilder’s] purpose in writing is to allow the audience to see themselves in the characters and situations. It’s just real people on stage in a real town, which is extremely moving.”

Connecting Our Town with benefiting Wasatch Community Foundation is a perfect match. WCF is comprised of a large group of volunteers and donors that serve Wasatch County in many areas, including human services, health, education, recreation, and arts. “I like the idea of connecting it with the play. Since the play Our Town is about a little town with real people who experience real challenges in life, what better thing than to give to a charity that supports our town here so well,” Carrie shares excitedly.

She continues to define Heber Valley, “The amount of people who are so giving in this community is inspiring. It’s a very unique place, and I don’t know if I could make Charitable Acts Theatre work anywhere else because community support is vital to our mission. That, coupled with the local talent and love of the arts, makes Heber Valley the perfect place for us.”

Your Connection

There are so many opportunities and resources in the Heber Valley. Sharing an evening with fellow community members and neighbors, and knowing you’re making a difference is incredibly rewarding. Knowing your time and money benefits others (including yourself) on many levels is exciting. Charitable Acts Theatre gives people unique opportunities and experiences.

Carrie’s epilogue, “I feel we’re a community theater in every way and then some. Yes, we are a community theater and we reach for excellence, but our motivating force is beyond the performance. We aim for a sense of community from beginning to end – in planning and implementing productions, in rehearsals, and in the participation of audience members – and then we extend that into helping those in the community who need it the most. It sets us apart. I want people to come and experience the community of it.”

Get Your Tickets

Our Town is showing June 3rd-15th, Monday, Wednesday-Saturday, 7:30 p.m. at Midway Town Hall. Buy tickets online or at the door (unless sold out).

To donate, nominate a charity, buy tickets, get involved, or find more information, visit You can also find them on Instagram and Facebook.

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