Heber Valley Life Spring 2021 Articles

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We are history in the making

The Heber Valley is a nationally-known destination.  According to U.S. Census data, Heber City is the third-fastest growing city of its size and was recently chosen to be one of the happiest places to live by Home Beautiful. With this recognition and the steady stream of new residents, the valley is experiencing challenges that go along with growth. While each of us may have a different vision of what that growth should look like, we want to embrace the new diversity and celebrate what makes our valley and its history unique. Our hope is to provide a vibrant community voice that recognizes that the things that bring us together greatly outnumber those that divide us.

Our hope is to capture our local flavor, making impactful connections between Heber Valley’s rich history, the present day and the future we hope to create. We strive to be the positive community voice for the valley by bringing you new uplifting stories and articles written by your neighbors about the businesses, restaurants, places and people that live in this beautiful valley we call home.

We welcome you to enjoy Heber Valley Life magazine whether it be through the printed or digital formats that we have available for viewing.  We love where we live, We live where we love and we constantly strive to share that love with our readers.


Wasatch Community Foundation

We all know that our valley is a treasure trove of natural beauty. However, have you ever asked yourself what Wasatch County’s most valuable attraction is? I believe it’s the people who live here, and that includes our amazing youth.…

Encircle House

The idea for Encircle House began with one simple question: How can we bring people together to create a better community and a better tomorrow? Founder and CEO, Stephenie Larsen, strives to provide the answer through Encircle, a…

Community Reinvestment Agency

A city is most often defined by its Main Street. It’s the calling card. Most likely, anyone driving through Heber City will see Main Street. So, what sort of impression does Heber’s Main Street give? Quaint? Peaceful? Industrial? Busy? Is…

Make That Change

I am a stubborn individual. Many times I have pondered whether this character attribute is, in fact, a virtue or a vice. I can see how being persistent in certain circumstances has led me to personal success. I can also see instances where…

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Avalanche, it’s a sleeping giant in the snow, waiting below the surface like a troll under the bridge. Be on top of your game this winter. Avoid avalanche danger at all costs, and be prepared.