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Midway Mercantile

Sitting at the rich wood bar, built by a local resident from reclaimed lumber, with the glistening of the warm candlelight and timeless deco-patterned tile, you can almost hear the hustle and bustle from customers in the early 1900s.

History Set in Stone

Art takes many forms in the Heber Valley. For as many different art forms there are, there are just as many different art spaces. Art and space go hand-in-hand: it’s difficult to create, perform or display any form of art without the space…

Wright-Tree Stadium

Wasatch High School’s football stadium, with its black and gold seats, elevated press boxes and entrance tunnel, is impressive — but not as impressive as the two men it is named for. Dan Wright and Ron Tree were two of the greatest teachers…

Smart Growth

Every morning I walk outside to fresh mountain air and fog resting on still water. I pass a field of cows grazing in a green pasture. I drive by Judith’s bookstore in Midway where I know her cat is sleeping by a fire. Every morning I roll…

A Vision Worth Protecting

Wasatch County is currently the fourth-fastest growing county in the nation. How will we protect our current rural feel, uninterrupted vistas and quality of life as we grow? Traffic, air and water quality, preserving historic agricultural…

From Lumber Barn to Elegant Office

The Heber Valley was built on the blood, sweat and tears of pioneers. The evidence of that hard work can be seen in the historic structures that dot its landscape today. These buildings give us a glimpse of what life was like before we got…

Bank Block

My grandmother loved to tell stories about the “beautiful Heber Valley.” Many of her tales, however, centered around one landmark, the Bank Block building.

Tate Barn

The Tate Barn was restructured to stand as an iconic representation of the Heber Valley’s agricultural history as it was introduced to the world during the 2002 Winter Olympic Games.

Still Striking 50 Years Later

As you walk into Holiday Lanes, it’s like you’ve stepped back in time. Peach, turquoise, and gold adorn the back wall above the 12 bowling lanes. Faux wood paneling surrounds the sound of falling pins. There are no flashing lights. No big…