Create Your Journey

Emergence winners

An annual contest for all Wasatch County School District students kindergarten through 12th grade. Categories include 2-D Drawing, Painting, Graphic Design, Photography, 3D Pottery, and Sculpted Work.

Top Winners
Grade 9-12
Naomi Marie Hansen
Wasatch High School
A Colorful Discovery

My name is Naomi Hansen. I am a sophomore at Wasatch High School and I am 16 years old. I’ve been taking drawing lessons since I was eight and have loved it ever since I started. My favorite medium is colored pencils, but I love experimenting with various materials as well. I am also an avid reader, movie enthusiast, and technological design student. After high school I would love to be able to combine my skills as an artist and an engineer.

I know sometimes it’s easy to feel limited, constricted, or stuck. I’ve certainly felt that, especially this past year. Feeling as though I was trapped in a black and white world, my life has been anything but colorful.  Drawing has helped me get out of my constrictions. I managed to get out of that bleak world, and find color. This drawing is a self portrait, representing my getting out of that dark place to find a brighter one. I created my own path.

Zealand Bowhuis
Wasatch High School
Out There

This is my journey since I love to be in the outdoors. I am always either exploring or researching on where my next adventure will be. This drawing specifically is from a Uintah backpacking trip up to granddaddy basin.”

Zealand is just finishing his sophomore year at Wasatch High School. In addition to art classes, he enjoys being on the mountain biking team there. He also just completed his first year with the Park City freeski team, competing in rail jam and slopestyle. He is passionate about fly fishing and equally passionate about fly tying. Zealand is an ambassador for Moonlit Fly Fishing and loves teaching fly tying to children in the Heber Valley. His art typically revolves around his outdoor interests. Fun fact: Zealand just started his first commissioned art piece, designing a tattoo for a flyfisher who came across him while demonstrating at a fly tying expo.   

Amber Johnson
Wasatch High School
Through The Lens

My name is Amber Johnson! I am 17 years old and a junior at good old Wasatch High school. I really enjoy art and have taken an art class every year. I love painting, I mainly use acrylic paint. I also am a student athlete; I play on the high school volleyball team, and I love it! I will do anything for a good chuckle. My mom says that I’m funny, so if the painting thing doesn’t work out I will become a comedian.

The world can be a dry and secluded place. You may feel like you’re wondering through a colorless desert. However, if you look at life through a new perspective you might just see the beauty that is all around you. You can make your world a flourishing, colorful scene. It’s up to you to create your beautiful own journey through life.


Chosen from 31 entries


1st  |  Naomi M Hansen 

2nd  |  Zealand Bowhuis 

3rd  |  Paige Woodward
3rd  | 
Asha Chappell

Honorable Mention:
Elissa Ross


1st  |  Amber Johnson 
Graphic design

1st  |  Isaac Heath

Sculpted work

1st  |  Maddox Leavitt         

2ndRoger Cameron              

3rd |  Natalee Himojosa

Top Winners
Grades K-2

Chosen from 18 entries

Axolotl in the Water
Lucy Hagen
Old Mill Elementary

I love axolotls. I love them so much. This painting is me seeing a real axolotl in the water. I painted it because I love axolotls and I want to be one. I painted it with a cute face and a cute body.


1st  |  Hayden McAnnally     

2nd  |  Ryan Sullivan                  

3rd  |  Skyler Jarvis                     

3rd  |  Claire Miller 


1st  |  Lucy Hagan                     

2nd  |  Claire Hagan                

3rd  |  Jane Christensen                  

Sculpted work

1st  |  Edie Cucchiarelli          

2nd  |  Landon Welling          

3rd  |  Luke Bitner 

Top Winners
Grades 3-5

Chosen from 72 entries

Holding the Earth
Amelia Hagen
Old Mill Elementary

This sculpture is about being kind to the earth and the people on it. I want my journey in life to be helping the earth stay cleaner and be nice to others. I love going on walks, picking up trash and seeing the beautiful things. (Mom note: Amelia had this project nearly finished and her little sister accidentally knocked it off the counter, breaking off the wrist and punching in one of the thumbs. Instead of getting mad she just picked it up and said “That’s ok, accidents happen” and comforted her sister before fixing it. This sculpture captures her kind heart.)


1st  |  Julio Gonzalez Nunez 

2nd  |  Maicol Maxwell Phillips  

3rd  |  Ethan Strangis                      

3rd  |  Kaitlyn Cook                        

Graphic design

1st  |  Hazel Jarvis


1st  |  Sophie Hansen                      

2nd  |  Skyler Phillips                       

3rd  |  Matteus Berg               

3rd  |  Evelyn Moulton             

Sculpted work

1st  |  Amelia Hagan                         

2nd  |  Olivia Osguthorpe               

3rd  |  Blakely Puett

Top Winners
Grades 6-8

Chosen from 173 entries

Across the Globe
Michayla Scheuller
Rocky Mountain Middle School

I created a watercolor painting of an open suitcase with different places around the world in it because I love to visit different places and experience new things. Especially to make memories with my family.

Beach Vibes
Anistyn Battles
Rocky Mountain Middle School

I drew a beach landscape. This is a part of my journey because I’ve just always loved the beach and it makes me happy. I’ve learned a lot of new things from that.

The Beauty of the Outdoors
Aceden Bouwhuis
Rocky Mountain Middle School

This photo was shot at Bryce Canyon. It represents my journey because I absolutely love being outdoors and in nature. Also, I like to think: Life has many ups and downs, but no matter where you are, go outside.


1st   |  Maria Valdez  

2nd  |  Kalia Webb 

3rd  |  Ben Lawson 

3rd  |  Jocelyn Epperson


1st  |  Michayla Scheuller

2ndEllie Karl                 

3rd Jennalee Townley

3rd Paige Sorensen   

Graphic design

1st   |  Anistyn Battles           

2nd  |  Audrey Hunsaker                  

3rd   |  Emmett Ray   

Sculpted work

1st   |  Sophia Brown
2nd  |  Savannah 

3rd  |  Kennedi Hunt          


1st   |  Aceden Bowhuis

2nd  |  Michaela Jarvis

3rd   |  Alexa Goode