It’s a Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play Comes to Heber Valley

Fill in the blanks: “Every time a ______ rings, an angel gets his _________”. If you were thinking bell and wings then you must be familiar with the classic Christmas movie, “It’s a Wonderful Life”. Timpanogos Valley Theater will be performing “It’s a Wonderful Life, A Live Radio Play” this holiday season. The timeless George Bailey and his wife Mary; Clarence the angel, and the antagonistic Mr. Potter; and all the other beloved characters of Bedford Falls will be brought to life to share this inspiring story of life,…

Memorable Michael McLean

Michael McLean is an extremely-gifted, world-renowned composer, musician, playwright, author, and filmmaker. His larger-than-life personality and life experiences surely make him one of a kind. He’s spontaneous, funny, gracious — and he calls the Heber Valley home.

Adding Extra To The Ordinary

Art is a pathway to the human spirit. It has the power to inspire emotions, teach concepts, motivate change, challenge perspectives, question beliefs, deepen understanding, and more. It can bring special moments to remembrance and form new unforgettable memories. Art in public places has that same power and is accessible to everyone. Like artwork in a home, public art enhances a community’s beauty and charm and illustrates personality and value. Public art is just plain fun and adds some extra to the ordinary. There’s…

Wasatch High US Air Force JROTC

The familiar words “Off we go into the wild blue yonder...” from the United States Air Force Song inspires commitment, courage, and confidence. The Air Force Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (AFJROTC) at Wasatch High School is just as exciting. With no obligation for military service, this unique academic program prepares students for college, careers, and any future endeavors. Its focus is specialized and comprehensive-unlike any other elective. The AFJROTC program encompasses academics, leadership, physical…

Jared Rigby

What does “Toy Story,” “Robin Hood,” and “The Andy Griffith Show” have in common? Sheriffs. Wasatch County Sheriff Jared Rigby is much better than a fictional character from a movie or old TV show. Guilty of incredible credentials, impeccable character, and indisputable concern and innovation, Jared just finished his first year as sheriff. An Open Case The sheriff’s rigorous responsibilities include; Correction and Court Security, including the jail, civil papers, the 911 Center, Search and Rescue, Emergency Management,…

An Old-Fashioned Christmas

There’s no place like home for the holidays and, according to Mayor Kelleen Potter, “One of the best ways to bring a community together is holiday celebrations.” An Old-Fashioned Christmas, which takes place between the Bank Block building and Heber’s City Center, is a time for the community to come together and — for a night at least — forget personal stresses, life’s worries and the valley’s growing pains. This cheerful community event is a way to remember what’s most important: each other. “Slow time down, sit…

Crossing the T’s with Ty and Ty

In the Heber Valley, “Crossing the T’s” has nothing to do with being meticulous, penmanship or naval warfare. Just as exciting as Michael Jordan’s 1995 NBA return or the 2004 World Series in which Boston broke the Curse of the Bambino, this Wasatch High original show has made a comeback to our local radio station KTMP. Wasatch Class of 2006 alumni Tyler Moss and Tyler Baird, now teachers and coaches, are the hosts of “Crossing the T’s with Ty & Ty,” a local radio show that spotlights Wasatch High School

Patriot Camp

pa-tri-ot (noun) a person who passionately supports their country and is prepared to defend it against enemies or detractors. A Summertime Tradition Summertime is a kid’s paradise filled with popsicles, picnics, flip flops, fireworks, barbeques, ballgames and vacations. For many Utah families, Patriot Camp has been added to that iconic summertime list. Patriot Camp was started in Pennsylvania by a group of ambitious moms who wanted to teach their children more about our country’s founding and freedoms.

Christine Chappell: Sewing Something to Smile About

Christine Chappell has turned an ordinary fiberglass gas station mascot into a corner craze. Heber’s herbivore, aptly named Octane, delights young and old with each wardrobe change. From seasonal to promotional outfits, this talented and creative seamstress has brought many smiles and laughs to residents’ routine drive-bys and visitors passing through. The owner of Mountainland One Stop, Mohamed Ahmed Mohamed, placed the Sinclair green dinosaur on the corner of his lot at the prominent intersection of 1200 South and

Once Upon a Story Time With Miss Sally

The Wasatch County Library claims fame to the one and only Miss Sally, the children’s librarian and program director with an enormous passion and love for literacy and children. And when those things come to together, something extraordinary happens. “Literature is magical,” says Sally Baird. She moved to Heber in 2005 and her first visit to the library just happened to be the building’s one-year anniversary. She inquired about story time and was told it was done by moms who volunteered once a week. Kristen Bowcutt,

Wright-Tree Stadium

Wasatch High School’s football stadium, with its black and gold seats, elevated press boxes and entrance tunnel, is impressive — but not as impressive as the two men it is named for. Dan Wright and Ron Tree were two of the greatest teachers and coaches who have ever served and mentored the students and athletes of Wasatch County. A building usually showcases peoples’ names either because they’ve accomplished something memorable or they’ve contributed substantial amounts of money to its creation or renovation. In this…