Wasatch County School Board wants Your Input, Feedback, and Suggestions

Wasatch County School Board wants Your Input, Feedback, and Suggestions

Join your fellow community members at one of six local meetings taking place between Wednesday, January 12th and Tuesday, January 25th to learn about the “Future Schools Project” and let your voices be heard!

Our beautiful community is exploding with new development and many of our schools are nearing, at, or pass capacity. Our local school board, district administrators, and three different committees have been working on a “Future Schools Project” for the last several months. The committees have put together a draft of five guiding principles of education:

1-Learning environments are inspiring, safe, and welcoming.

2-Schools support multiple learning styles and life-long learning.

3-Schools support teachers in delivering high quality education.

4-Schools are integrated into a community to serve multiple purposes.

5-Schools support students in their overall wellness.


School Board Member Marianne Allen invites and explains, “The school board would greatly appreciate community wide participation. In order for this master plan process to be successful, we need to hear and have participation from as many members of our community as possible. This is a plan that will guide our schools and community for the next 10-20 years. If you can’t attend your neighborhood night, please feel free to attend a different meeting or attend the zoom meeting. If you can’t make these community meetings please go to the www.futureschoolsproject.com website and leave comments there.”


Meeting Locations and Times

Wed.   Jan. 12             Old Mill Elementary, 6:30

Thurs. Jan. 13             Daniels Canyon Elementary, 6:30

Tues.   Jan. 18             Midway Elementary, 6:30

Wed.    Jan. 19             J.R. Smith Elementary, 6:30

Thurs. Jan 20             Heber Valley Elementary, 5:00 (Board of Education Meeting @ 6:30)

Tues.   Jan 25.             Zoom https://bit.ly/FSPCommunityMeetingJan25


The school board is asking the public to come and learn more about the “Future Schools Project”, provide feedback, give input, and make suggestions. These meetings are being held at the various elementary schools to make this opportunity accessible to everyone, including those without children in the education system. Multiple dates and times will hopefully allow as many people as possible to come and voice their ideas and opinions.