Crossing the T’s with Ty and Ty

Serving the Community by talking high school sports.

In the Heber Valley, “Crossing the T’s” has nothing to do with being meticulous, penmanship or naval warfare. Just as exciting as Michael Jordan’s 1995 NBA return or the 2004 World Series in which Boston broke the Curse of the Bambino, this Wasatch High original show has made a comeback to our local radio station KTMP.

Wasatch Class of 2006 alumni Tyler Moss and Tyler Baird, now teachers and coaches, are the hosts of “Crossing the T’s with Ty & Ty,” a local radio show that spotlights Wasatch High School athletics.

Moss and Baird love to recap and highlight the great things that are happening with our hometown sports teams. “We’ve got so many cool stories of what’s going on with these Wasatch High School kids and people should know about them,” says Moss.

The 30-minute show runs Saturday mornings for fall sports, on Friday nights prior to basketball games during the winter, and then returns to Saturday mornings for spring sports coverage. It’s a chance for Moss and Baird to brag, inform and entertain during segments such as “Wasp in Review,” “Wasps on Campus” and “Saturday Morning Quarterback.”

The Tylers

Since they were seven years old, Moss and Baird have played and worked together — which means they can practically read each other’s minds. As little kids they pretended to do sports shows in Moss’ basement and spent hours watching “Sports Center” on ESPN. They also played backyard ball games, competed on youth teams and, of course, lived their high school glory days together.

Moss is naturally laid back and outgoing; Baird is detailed and reserved. Like a bat and a ball, their personalities bring a natural chemistry to their show.

“Crossing the T’s” began in a television broadcasting class at Wasatch High School, patterned after ESPN’s “Pardon the Interruption.” Focused on national, state and high school sports, Ty and Ty instinctively bantered and captivated their audience.

Led by teacher John Moss, many students behind the scenes also contributed to the show’s success, including Sam Mathews, Will Pollock, Ryan Chadwick, Ryan Provost, Jake Heywood, Pat Burns, Trevor Lawton, Landon Reiss, Jordan Lundskog, Beau Mair, Allie Howard, Jenna Vest, Kylie Jones, Jack Wright and Whitney Green.

By their senior year, Comcast Cable aired “Crossing the T’s” throughout Utah.

The Peak

When owners Doug Barton and Beau Lund purchased our local radio station 94.5 FM and 1340 AM The Peak KTMP in fall 2017, they wanted to make high school sports a priority. “Crossing the T’s with Ty & Ty” was a natural fit. The Peak also broadcasts various sporting events throughout the school year and the games can be found on the radio or at — so even out of state family or fans can listen to games.

“Everywhere we go, people are surprised and admire that our station would send us to away games,” says Baird. Moss and Baird greatly appreciate The Peak’s good ownership — and its commitment to serve the sports-loving people of the Heber Valley.

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