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Thanks to Tom Whitaker

Words are so powerful. They make us laugh, cry and feel emotions so deeply they live with us forever. And cowboy poetry is just that — a collection of powerful words meant to make you feel all ranges of emotion. Whether it is through

Meet McKardy Kelly

Sunday, July 21, 2019, is a day that McKardy Kelly says she will never forget. Riding into Midway atop a blaring fire truck, McKardy waved and smiled at family, friends and community members who lined the streets in her honor. The

Heber City Council

Heber City is the third-fastest growing micropolitan city in the nation. With that comes great pressure to grow responsibly and to stay focused on what makes this area so special. Numerous surveys completed in the last decade reflect

Light Speed

Written by Ben Light with contributing editor Julie Moulton You might know Ben Light from throwing down at 200-mile races; he completed the Triple Crown of 200s in 2017 and has paced, volunteered or ran all three races every

Adam Posaki is Berspar

At just 17 years old, Adam Posacki honed Bergspar’s simple fashion and clean look. The burgeoning clothing company’s inspiration stems from Adam’s experience moving here four years ago, when the beauty of our valley struck him.

Welcome to Tom’s Cabin

As you open the front door you are met with the intoxicating smell of old leather and the feeling you’ve stepped back in time. The vintage cowboy regalia is everywhere; it’s hard to take it all in at first. Your eyes jump from old

Revitalizing Main Street

Real estate prices in the Heber Valley continue to climb like never before. Just before the great recession of 2007, home prices spiraled up until the housing market bubble burst — leaving many property owners scrambling to pay one or

A Fruitful Past

“It looks as though all nature was kind to me and that even the trees smiled.” – Johannes Huber One of the first orchards in the Heber Valley, the Huber Grove began as a 160-acre family homestead. Built by Swiss immigrant and

Charley Jenkins

These are the things that country musician and Heber Valley resident Charley Jenkins wants his music to convey. For Jenkins, creating this type of music had to come from a real place. Home. Jenkins grew up not too far from the

Waddie Mitchell

What’s in a Name? When Shakespeare penned those words he was asking does a name really matter? For Bruce Douglas “Waddie” Mitchell, it’s a safe wager his answer is yes.  As a young buckaroo growing up on a remote

Kids + Concussions

The fall season is an exciting time for parents and kids alike — but as a parent, you know that playing sports has some downsides for your kids. Namely, what are those hard hits doing to your child’s head and body? While you can

7 Family-Friendly Fall Activities

There’s a lot to love about the Heber Valley in the fall. From cool, crisp mornings and stunning fall colors, to annual fall traditions that make our valley unique, here are seven fun activities your entire family will “fall” for.

Horse Country

“Stop. Watch. What is Custom saying to you when he flicks his ears like that?” My daughter Hadley listens to trainer Jeanie’s counsel, carefully analyzes the Quarter Horse Gelding’s body language and adjusts her actions. Custom

The Taxonomy of an Identity

I love taking nature walks with my children in the Heber Valley and the fall season is arguably one of the most favorable climates in which to do so. Sometimes we walk the Provo River trails and other times we head for higher ground on