Destination Spring Brunch – Chef About Town

All happiness depends on a leisurely breakfast.

I will be the first to admit that once Christmas is over, I have an unrealistic expectation that spring should immediately present itself. Don’t hate me Heber, but winter is not my jam. Spring brings with it holidays, baby animals, renewal, and a buzz in the air that life is beginning again after a long winter’s nap. Like any hardcore foodie, I took to our streets to figure out brunch in our slice along the Wasatch Back — pun intended.

Meg’s Timberline Café

Let’s talk about Meg’s! Really, let’s just talk about Meg’s. When researching brunch places, I found Meg’s and I am all for a little nook where you are instantly a regular. When you walk in, you are immediately connected to how there is a little something for everyone. The patio is lovely and my experience was perfect. I indulged in a little bit of every area on the menu, starting with the eggs benedict because honestly, how can you ever go wrong with a perfect eggs benedict? You can’t! The portions are tremendous — I did not walk away hungry at all. I highly recommend the breakfast burrito (so filling), any panini (I had the turkey, bacon, avocado), and I went to heaven when I saw the steakburgers come on a proper potato bun, as they should. Nestled just inside the Timberline Ace Hardware, I can imagine the comings and goings as hungry folks see the café and suddenly realize they need a bite. I am also sure they are relieved and happy when they are given their large to-go boxes, full of fresh, made-to-order wares fit for a king and a farmer, alike. Pop on over to Meg’s and become a regular — you’ll be so glad you did.

Café Galleria

If you ever need to feel elegant, no matter the occasion, Café Galleria is my recommendation for brunch in style! Sometimes, you just need to have an experience surrounded by an incredible glass of wine and a perfectly cooked egg, especially if you were a little crazy the night before — and for me, crazy is actually getting a full night’s sleep. I made a special trip to Café Galleria one weekend when I just wasn’t “feelin” life. I wanted something scrumptious, something I could count on, something new and engulfing. I found it. You all know I had to get a little bit of everything, but can we laser in on the Wood-fired Bagels and the Corned Beef Hash. Ok, it takes one tasty hash to impress me. On my first bite — I was transported back to the east coast where there is a fun little Irish Pub that served the best corned beef hash. The wood-fired bagels are delightful — I topped mine with hummus and a few of the roasted peppers from my CB-hash. Paired with a little mocktail of the Lemon Lime Lavender craft soda; my mid-morning brunch just washed over my weary soul. If you haven’t caught site of Café Galleria; they have the snow globes you see while driving down the main drag in Midway. Side note, they are always taking reservations. As any good crystal ball will tell you, I see an enchanted brunch in your future.

Overlook Restaurant at Black Rock Mountain Resort

Going along with my desire for spring to hurry up and get here, I am always up for a drive. The excitement of having a hidden little destination to go to, I think makes my time at the Overlook Restaurant a true Heber adventure. Do not let the call to Summit County deter you. Overlook, inside of the Black Rock Mountain Resort, is located in Heber and I can imagine the ride to be incredibly beautiful during autumn. You can heed the call to Summit County once you finish your meal. Never one to shy away from tasting as much as my tummy will allow, I dove fork-first into the Grand Marnier French Toast. Their cremé anglaise sauce was superb, simply superb! Big shout-out to my server who procured the French toast even though it is technically not on the brunch menu. I am not a huge pastry-for-breakfast fan, but this combination of humble brioche with all the toppings got me right into all the ‘feels’ of a perfect spring outing. Since I ventured up when it was sunny and bright, I also tried the steak and eggs. You can always tell the mark of a great kitchen by how they pair the technique of basted eggs with a perfectly red/pink center of beef. My steak was on-point the first try! I fervently believe the staff at Overlook would do just about anything to ensure you have a one-of-a-kind dining experience because they accommodated my crazy pairings without question. I finished my tasting with the Salmon BLT and Buffalo Cauliflower — ½ & ½ as they say, and it was the ultimate burst of winter cool with spicy spring I was looking for. Take a drive up for the stellar views and exceptional service one morning — you won’t be disappointed.