Wasatch Community Foundation

We all know that our valley is a treasure trove of natural beauty. However, have you ever asked yourself what Wasatch County’s most valuable attraction is? I believe it’s the people who live here, and that includes our amazing youth. Wasatch Community Foundation agrees. According to their website, ourwcf.org, the mission of their Educational Pillar is to help produce, “The Finest Youth on the Planet!” Helping our youth find their way in the world and giving them as many educational opportunities as possible is at the…

A Legacy Lived and Loved

On a sunny August morning, Renee Fitzgerald Johnson sat outside the house she was born in while passersby honked and shouted at her. I know it sounds horrible, but it wasn’t. It was quite the opposite. Renee was celebrating her 95th Birthday! Her children and grandchildren had decorated her front lawn with brightly colored letters, numbers, and balloons. Announcing to all that today was a special day, and the beautiful woman waving was an amazing lady who’s lived an extraordinary life.

Holiday Traditions

Gather your kids, friends, and family to discover different cultures and the food they eat. Try out a few new recipes, and prepare them together. Participate in a festivity you've never celebrated before. Eat new foods. Share and create a new tradition!

Russ McDonald Field

Amelia Earhart once asked, “What do dreams know of boundaries?” As children, our dreams have no boundaries — we can become anyone — do anything — the possibilities are endless. When Russ McDonald was knee-high to a model airplane, he dreamed of flying. Towards the end of WWII Russ joined the Navy and served as an enlisted man in San Diego, working on aircraft, not flying them, but don’t worry — Russ was just warming up his engines. After WWII, Russ put the GI Bill to good use. He attended mechanic school, learned to fly,…

Heber Market on Main

By Loralie Pearce When was the last time you invited your friends to meet you in aisle 10 of your neighborhood grocery store for a chat? Wait — don’t answer that. Instead, imagine yourself meandering through a beautiful open air space bursting with local art, crafts, agricultural goods, food, music, and if you’re lucky, a giant bounce house. Welcome to the all-new Heber Market on Main! In 1998 Heber City wanted to create a fun farmers market where the community could support each other through buying and selling locally…

A Look At Jordanelle Development

Change.  It’s a small word, yet for many the expression spikes our adrenaline and causes our hearts to beat quickly with fear or excitement. Whatever our personal response, this fact remains: nothing is meant to stay the same forever. As intelligent beings, we crave improvement and progression; we long for that something just out of reach and are willing to work hard for it  — even if it takes decades to achieve. For the past 162 years, the area we now call the Wasatch Back has been in a constant state of change.…

Meet McKardy Kelly

Sunday, July 21, 2019, is a day that McKardy Kelly says she will never forget. Riding into Midway atop a blaring fire truck, McKardy waved and smiled at family, friends and community members who lined the streets in her honor. The parade paid tribute to McKardy, who was named the National High School Rodeo Queen the day before in Rock Springs, Wyoming. McKardy — the first Utahn to win the title since 2008 — says she owes her success to her friends, family and the special place where she grew up. For McKardy,

Waddie Mitchell

What’s in a Name? When Shakespeare penned those words he was asking does a name really matter? For Bruce Douglas “Waddie” Mitchell, it’s a safe wager his answer is yes.  As a young buckaroo growing up on a remote ranch near Elko, Nevada, Bruce was his dad’s right-hand man. “The hired hands around the ranch always called me ‘Doug’s Little Waddie,’” he says. “They’d shout out, ‘Hey Little Waddie,’ and as I grew up it was still Little Waddie until all of a sudden it was just Waddie.” You can hear

Off-Grid Living: Disconnecting From The Beaten Path

Off-grid living. Those words often conjure up visions of people like Grizzly Adams, living off the land in a one-room log cabin with their bear bestie Ben, completely cut off from civilization. For some, that sounds like heaven — for others, not so much. The beauty of off-grid living is that it can look like whatever you want it to look like, from a tiny house deep in the woods to a dream home just off the beaten path — the sky’s the limit. Beards and bears are optional. Going “off-grid” simply means not being

Master Of Murals

At four years old, Skye Walker did something that would change the course of his life. He picked up a crayon and began coloring. He’s been coloring and creating ever since. In June 2018, Skye hit the road in his Sprinter Van — appropriately and cleverly named “Vango” — for a yearlong “Sea2Sea Mural Tour.” Ten months, 17,000 miles and 23 murals later, Skye Walker found himself in the Heber Valley. Skye wasn’t lost. Quite the contrary: the stars had aligned to get him here. One month before he left on his tour,