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Get The Latest Trends And Style Right Here In The Valley

Be honest. Is there anyone out there who hasn’t watched HGTV and wished they could work the same magic in their own home?

Can you identify your home’s style? Is it Modern, Contemporary, Rustic, or Traditional? Whether you live in a charming dollhouse, a mansion, or buying or building a new home — we can all use a little help.

For most of us, the thought of hiring an interior designer is a daunting task. We do not want to hear what is wrong with our palace or how much it will cost to create our vision. Choosing the furniture, the carpet, or the right accent pieces takes time, which we don’t have. And talent — which can only come from years of experience.

If you’re looking to create “living that reflects your own personality” or “a breathtaking home,” the Heber Valley offers two unique opportunities: Spruce Personalized Décor and Mountain Refined Interior Design Furniture and Flooring. You can refresh or redo without breaking the bank and with the confidence of working with experienced design professionals.

Mountain Refined has owner Nicole Ferguson at the helm, doubling as head designer. She credits her parents with her business acumen and her interest in design, having spent hours at the store as a child. The Heber furniture store has been her family’s business for over 30 years.

Newcomer, Jennifer Mangum, opened Spruce Personalized Décor, located in a restored 1872 home in Midway, two years ago — offering her design services as well as furniture and accent pieces. While the COVID crisis played havoc, forcing many local retailers to close, Jenn is quick to point out that her saving grace was the ability to continue her work as an interior designer.

During COVID, many furniture and fabric pieces have been difficult to secure due to problems with offshore production, adding a new set of challenges. Careful planning has provided Mountain Refined’s Nicole with the ability to sell off the floor, bypassing the typical 6-12 week wait. The addition of a large warehouse allows a choice of pieces for customers looking for a quick turnaround as the holiday seasons approach.

Mountain Refined has increased the number of cash and carry accessories; and offers fun seasonal items available for a quick, happy pick-me-up. Nicole and her team are focused on making your home your sanctuary. A 15,000 square foot show-room, filled with a curated selection of high-quality home furniture, makes Mountain Refined the largest retail store in the Heber/Park City area. Nicole also credits the blessing of strong community support and the tremendous love that helped her get through the three months she was closed due to COVID.

Whether one is purchasing a bedroom suite or a dining table, Mountain Refined’s team of talented designers share the common goal of working together. Their goal is “to create living that reflects your unique personality.” Take a virtual tour and be enthralled with the variety of offerings.

Jenn Mangum, an East Coast transplant most recently from Arlington, Virginia, believes her bright yellow business is one of the anchors at the top of Midway’s Main Street. One of the oldest homes in Midway, Spruce’s transformation to a retail space, included refinishing original floors as well as the original shiplap. It is full of eye-catching treasures easy to imagine in your home. Jenn calls the corner, where the 2,000 square foot house sits near the Bakery and the Corner restaurant, a “happy place.”

Aside from a wide selection of furniture in a beautiful showroom, Spruce Personalized Design features not only Jenn’s years of design expertise but that of an additional three designers. “It all comes down to trust,” when discussing the relationship between client and designer. When asked where Spruce starts with a new client, Jennifer explains how she begins with a design questionnaire, which allows her to get into what people want. Spruce’s website showcases designs that can be translated into any style of home.

Jenn is adding a new addition to the fourth corner of her happy place. Kringle, a 1,500 square foot store, promises to be Christmas all the time — a “shoppe” designed as a Christmas wonderland. When the opportunity to purchase the building across the street presented itself, Jenn’s vision for a Christmas store became a reality. Planned to be filled with fun, and good wishes, Kringle will not only be a destination for December needs but will also carry merchandise specific to holidays like Easter, Thanksgiving, and Valentine’s. It’s where every day is a holiday. Kringle is soon to become a year-round destination shopping treat for both locals and visitors.

We’ve spent enough time in our homes during 2020. Just a little change may brighten up the rooms we’ve stared at for months. Two ladies, two stores, a multitude of ideas. Who needs HGTV?

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