The As Yet Unwritten Story Of The North Village

What Will Our Future Look Like?

Just to the North of Heber City, there is a little area of open land that is unassuming and easily overlooked. It’s known as the North Village. And there are some big plans in the works for this patch of ground.

Due to purchases made and density granted years ago, this area is set to become one of the most active and growing areas of the entire Heber Valley. Many are concerned about what might come. Others are excited by the possibilities. How it all turns out depends on actions taken now, during this little phase of Heber history. The future is always uncertain.

Heber City and the rest of Wasatch County are watching carefully to ensure that developers maintain the values of current Heber Valley residents. With annexation into Heber City being a distinct possibility, developers are using Heber’s new master plan as a guideline to try to realize the “Envision Heber” ideal. Open space areas are included throughout the developments, and town centers are being established on paper, just waiting for the chance to spring into reality.

If You Build It…

There are seven main areas of development in what is called the North Village. They are College Downs, DMJ, Highlands, North Village Crossings, North Village Resort, North Village Views, and Wingate. Each development will bring its own uniqueness and amenities to the Heber Valley.

The DMJ Development is on the northwest corner of Old Highway 40 and Highway 32. It is the smallest parcel at 8.7 acres. It is proposed to be a “3-story commercial condominium project,” with 62.7% of the land remaining open space.1

College Downs is a 17-acre development, located just north of the UVU campus. It runs along Highway 40 and also connects to the university’s land. Retail and condos are planned for that area, providing some additional opportunities for the nearby students.

The North Village Crossings area is planning retail centers and townhomes. Developers would also like to include a hotel and some apartments. It consists of 57 acres of land and is located to the Southeast of Highways 40 and 32.

North Village Views is a 33-acre parcel. It runs northeast up the hill from the UVU campus building. Single-family dwellings, townhomes, condos, and apartments are planned for the area, in addition to a park and trails.

Wingate is just north of the College Downs area with 11.62 acres of developable land. Townhomes and commercial development are in the works to be constructed there. Open space will run along the highway and up into the neighborhood.

The Highlands project is by far the largest parcel. It’s located at 2790 N. Highway 40, just south of the UVU campus. At 114+ acres, future planned uses include commercial buildings, single-family dwellings, apartments, condos, parks, an outdoor amphitheater, a plaza, and over five miles of trails. This project offers a town center, with retail and commercial improvements to support both the university and the community. Plans include mixed-use development, a hotel, student housing, and 11 different types of housing choices including 12-plex and 64-plex family developments, along with single family homes and lots of open space. 1,469 units are planned, with 30% of the acreage left for open space. “We envision it to be a low-impact development, with green sustainability everywhere that we possibly can [put it], as long as its economically achievable,” Ken Puncerelli, with LAI Design Group, explains.

The North Village Resort is the only major development west of Highway 40. It consists of 39 acres of land at the intersection of River Road and Highway 40. The Resort is intended to be one of the most distinctive spaces in the area. Scheduled uses include retail, a theater, a plaza, condominiums, and a large, themed hotel with an indoor waterpark.

Walking The Line

These slated developments are still evolving. Most strive to align their designs with Heber City’s master plan, to allow for a possible future annexation into the city. According to Heber City Mayor Kelleen Potter, “The way the North Village develops will have a lasting impact on our city. The decision of whether or not to annex into Heber City and the type of development that happens will affect all aspects of Heber’s future. We only have one chance to get it right.”

Maintaining open spaces and making these developments work within the community is a major priority for the surrounding residents. But it is also important to developers, as what makes the Heber Valley unique is also what will make developments profitable and desirable. As all interested entities work together to find common ground, the North Village areas will hopefully develop into something that our community can enjoy and be proud to share with others. This area is, after all, the north gateway to the Heber Valley and our welcome mat to the world.

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