Crazy Goodies.

Enrique Bautista and Gloria Vieyra are a husband and wife team that own and operate one of the most unique shops in Heber Valley. It’s no secret, as the name of their Mexican-themed snack shop implies, they make some Crazy Goodies!

Enrique and Gloria grew up in different states in Mexico; it wasn’t until they came to the United States that they met. Enrique emigrated from Mexico City when he was a teenager to work with two of his older siblings. He recalls, “Back then, you could work during the winter and go back to Mexico [for the rest of the] year […] Things change, you know.” When he met Gloria, twenty years ago, they decided to settle down and raise a family right here in the Wasatch Back.

It’s always been Gloria’s dream to own her own business, “I wanted to open a business in Heber.  Heber is very beautiful […] it’s growing in a very unique way, and it’s so diversified now.” Crazy Goodies is a prime example of that growth and diversity in Heber Valley. Inspired by ice cream shops found on every corner of her hometown in Michoacan, Mexico, Gloria wanted to bring that Mexican flair here to the States and make treats and snacks that might not be too familiar with American customers. Once they started to see similar shops pop up all around the United States, Enrique and Gloria knew that they, too, could do something like this. Enrique humbly admits that Gloria is the mastermind; he describes her go-getter attitude in getting Crazy Goodies up and going, “I was just like, I’m going to support you 100% […] every day was a different thing.” Gloria displayed a real entrepreneurial spirit and jumped through all the hoops required to start a business. One month after opening the shop, the couple had the opportunity to expand from the smaller space they were in into the business next door. They knocked down the wall and added room for customers to sit and enjoy their goodies.

Whether you’re looking for a simple ice cream cone, hand-scooped ice cream milkshakes, or a crepe with a side of ice cream, Enrique explains, “We want people to know this is an ice cream shop […] but not just ice cream […] we can make a lot of creations with ice cream as well.”  On more than one occasion, a customer has shown Enrique a picture on their phone and asked if they made anything similar. Immediately, the answer is always yes. Gloria takes a lot of inspiration from TikTok and Instagram. Their most popular snack is the Mangonada; Crazy Goodies makes theirs with fresh mango and lime, plenty of ice, chamoy, and Tajin (to give it that tangy Mexican flavor), to top it all off, they add a Popsicle and Mexican candy to be enjoyed later. Enrique comments, “We not only wanted our snacks to taste good, we wanted them to be beautiful.” It’s not just sweet snacks on the menu; they offer a variety of savory snacks as well. The Chicharon is particularly tasty, a traditional Mexican snack that is prepared a bit like a tostada. Enrique and Gloria make theirs with fresh tomatoes, lettuce, and avocados, and top it with pork rinds and a tangy hot sauce. Everything is made fresh right here in the store; they hope someday to make their own ice cream from scratch. Enrique is very proud of the business that Gloria has built, he says, “Everything we make, we make with our heart […] we just want to share our culture with everyone.”


Spice Things Up!

760 S Main Street, Heber

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