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The HV’s next generation of entrepreneurs

At just 17 years old, Adam Posacki honed Bergspar’s simple fashion and clean look. The burgeoning clothing company’s inspiration stems from Adam’s experience moving here four years ago, when the beauty of our valley struck him. However, beauty and vision do not start businesses — and Adam wanted to succeed.

In 2018, Adam launched a new clothing brand that’s designed to represent the outdoor lifestyle of the Heber Valley. To help “light the flame and scale [Bergspar] as fast as possible,” Adam participated in Wasatch High School’s CAPS, or Center for Advanced Professional Studies. The CAPS program gives students real world challenges and instruction in career development, from medicine to entrepreneurship.

Just a month into operation at Bergspar, Adam entered and won the 2nd Annual Invest Nest contest — a CAPS contest in which the winning business idea is awarded $10,000 in investment capital.

Wanting to learn more about his Invest Nest experience, I caught Adam for a phone call somewhere between Havasu Falls and the Provo Missionary Training Center. 

Eric Ramirez: You participated in Wasatch CAPS Invest Nest with Bergspar. How would you describe that experience?

Adam Posacki: I am so grateful for the experience of the Wasatch CAPS Invest Nest. It not only helped fund much of my current business ventures, but it also taught me so many important business lessons that I wouldn’t usually have learned for another 10 to 20 years, if ever.

ER: What were some of those lessons?

AP: By the age of 17, I was creating spreadsheets of my gross revenue. I created marketing plans and slideshows that helped capture the eyes of investors and customers. I walked away from Invest Nest with so much more than a jump start on my business financially — I walked away with priceless business lessons.

ER: What were the requirements to enter?

AP: The requirements were very simple: have an idea and have the passion; formulate business plans and write a pitch that would get the investors’ attention.

ER: What do you plan to do with your winnings?

AP: I have already invested most of it back into Bergspar: fulfilling orders and restocking at lower prices. I have also put a fraction of it into the stock market because that is another passion of mine.

Throughout the Invest Nest process, Adam worked with his mentor, Rocky Fischer, and also received insight from JW Davies. Both men are business leaders in the community and part of the Invest Nest program. Adam is extremely grateful for all of the guidance and business advice he gleaned from his interactions with both Fischer and Davies.

A Mission for the Future

Adam has vision and acumen, reinvesting his winnings into Bergspar and pursuing other business ventures. He also believes in service and doing good in the world. Thus, on October 16, 2019, Adam departs the Heber Valley to spend two years in the Czech/Slovak Mission in service to The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. While he’s gone, Adam’s family will helm Bergspar with a maintained social media presence and account support for businesses that carry his line.

As for the future of Wastach CAPS Invest Nest, it will continue to give students the opportunity to make strides in their future careers before they even graduate high school. Just as Bergspar reflects Adam’s love of the outdoors, Invest Nest shows just how committed our mountain community is to the future success of our youth.

In stores now

Bergspar is available at Fernweh in Midway and Park City Hotel in Park City. For more information, visit

“You can go with whatever business idea starting from ground zero, or from where I was — a little more developed — and go and pitch. I think [Wasatch CAPS Invest Nest] is such a healthy way to start the mindset of young entrepreneurs in the valley. It wasn’t just the program itself. It was everyone in the community. They were so willing to help or give me advice. I really want that to be a tradition in Wasatch High School.”

Information on CAPS can be found at

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