Grandma’s Traditions

When you think of the holidays, what makes them the most special to you? Is it family? Friends? Good food? For the Cocoa Bird, it is all three. For Coni Gleason — aka the Cocoa Bird — it’s grandma’s caramels, handmade chocolates and marshmallows that really make the holidays special. “Food is powerful,” she says. “It’s safe and warm.” “I remember as a child how special grandma would make the holidays,” Coni says with a twinkle in her eyes. She grew up in the kitchen, watching her grandmother make her famous candies and…

Let’s Break Bread Together

Flour. Water. Salt. Three simple, everyday ingredients that can be found in any home — but when combined in just the right portions and in just the right hands, magic can happen. Andrew Berthrong, the owner of Hawk & Sparrow in Midway, routinely makes magic at his organic artisan bakery. The ultimate goal for this masterful bread maker? “To make something that people want, to really care about the details.” The Road Less Traveled Andrew was working on his teaching certificate at Utah

The Sweet Taste Of Italy Right Here In The HV

When you first walk into the Spin Cafe on Main Street in Heber, you are immediately greeted by the beautiful gelato counter showcasing 12 freshly-prepared flavors just begging to tempt and tantalize your taste buds. Vincent Esposito is more than just an aficionado on the topic of gelato — he eats, sleeps and dreams gelato. He lived in Italy for over two years, traveled the Italian countryside extensively and has studied the art of gelato longer than most people spend thinking about food in a lifetime. “I

Farm Fresh

What do you do when everyone around you is closing down their operations and selling out to developers? You double down, reinvent yourself and carve out a niche that makes people crave what you have created. In this case, that niche was carved out of cheese and has fulfilled the goals and dreams of father and son farmers, Grant and Russ Kohler of Midway.   The Heber Valley once was home to 130 dairy farms — but today there are only two remaining farms in production. “Small dairy farmers needed to change how

Local Farmer Gets Back to His Roots

Fresh, crisp and all-natural produce is just around the corner for Chris Pyper at Rustling Aspen Farm in Midway. With just a third of an acre, an unwavering drive and a love of his community, Pyper has built one of the finest all-natural farms on the Wasatch Back.  Living in Kentucky and farming with his friend Annie for four years, Pyper couldn’t imagine setting down roots so far from the Heber Valley. “I wanted to move home and grow for the community that I grew up in,” he said. After being gone from the valley

Backyard Beekeeping in the Beehive State

When you think of beekeeping, you probably think of bees that produce that sweet golden elixir we all know and love called honey. However, did you know that there is a large population of native bees — ones that don’t make honey — living naturally in the Heber Valley? That’s right: Utah is home to the largest concentrations and the most types of native bees in the nation! “I saw a hive in someone’s backyard,” says Susie Goodspeed. “I was fascinated and hooked.” Goodspeed is the owner of Susie Bee Good Honey

The Bagel Den

A new dining option in Heber now delivers the flavors of New York to the valley. The Bagel Den opened its doors this past September and has been slinging NY bagels by the dozen ever since. The vibe when first walking into Heber’s new eatery is warm and inviting, with reclaimed pallet lumber on the walls and a beautiful four-sided LED fireplace featured in the center of the dining room. “I wanted to create a place that was bright and open for people to come and enjoy,” explains Matt Johnston, owner of The Bagel Den.…

The Old Goat

What do you get when you combine a lifelong passion for cooking, hot sauce and a goat named Clover? You get Heber’s newest neighborhood eatery, The Old Goat! Ryan and April Estel opened their doors this November and they couldn’t be more excited to bring their vision and culinary flair to the Heber Valley. “I am not reinventing the wheel,” says Ryan. “I just love to get creative with what I am given.” This creativity is evidenced by his incredible menu. Ryan manages to pack more flavor and options into a simple menu…

Snake Creek Grill: Locally Sourced

There is something to be said about a familiar place to eat. Friendly faces that greet you every time, consistently amazing quality of food and service, and not to mention the fresh aromas that delicately permeate the air as you walk past the kitchen. For many in the valley, this familiar place is Snake Creek Grill. When asked what his favorite thing about owning a restaurant is, Dean Hottle (who is also the head chef at Snake Creek Grill) replied, “I love working with and seeing my regulars, as well as new faces coming…

Passion on Wheels:

Family owned and operated in the Heber Valley, Lola’s Street Kitchen and Cucina Rustico take mobile eats to a new level. Featuring two incredibly talented chefs, these food trucks offer the freshest of ingredients and deliver top quality food to local patrons — wherever those patrons may be. David Medina, owner and creator of Lola’s Street Kitchen, and Frank Fortino, owner and head chef of Cucina Rustico, are killing it with their fresh, locally-sourced food. Prepared with passion and focus, you can taste both chefs’ love…

Fly-By-Foodie: Back 40

Alright, it has to be said: the Back 40 patio has one of the most amazing views in the valley. I am seriously in love with this gem of a location. What once was a not so great, run down bar, is now one of the most popular places in town to get great eats and libations. The menu is fresh, up-to-date and loaded with something for everyone. I started with the Iceberg Wedge, which included cherry tomatoes, bacon, avocado, garlic croutons, a hard-boiled egg and blue cheese crumbles. I love a good wedge salad in the summertime:…