Passion on Wheels:

It’s more than just street food

Family owned and operated in the Heber Valley, Lola’s Street Kitchen and Cucina Rustico take mobile eats to a new level. Featuring two incredibly talented chefs, these food trucks offer the freshest of ingredients and deliver top quality food to local patrons — wherever those patrons may be.

David Medina, owner and creator of Lola’s Street Kitchen, and Frank Fortino, owner and head chef of Cucina Rustico, are killing it with their fresh, locally-sourced food. Prepared with passion and focus, you can taste both chefs’ love and precision in each amazing bite of their simple yet innovative food.

Often found running the line in his artful black food truck, David explains, “This is all that I know how to do.” That may be true, but he does it so well.

Introduced to the food industry at a very young age, David grew up in the business beside his restaurateur parents. Over the course of his life, he has performed every job imaginable within the industry.

Today, David’s dedication to his craft is unmatched. His food truck and catering business prepares everything fresh each morning before loading up and hitting the streets to tempt the valley’s taste buds. He prides himself on using only non-GMO ingredients, as well as organic ingredients whenever possible, locally sourced produce and meats, and fresh ingredients chosen at the height of their season.

For three years running, Lola’s has delivered lunch and dinner to the residents of the Heber Valley — and satisfied an untold number of sugar cravings with its homemade cakes and desserts.

Food Brings People Together

Frank has always wanted to own a brew pub. A unique vision, his pub would serve traditional-style pizza alongside the best local brews.

Frank’s passion for making pizza started as a hobby in 1995. He loved making pizza so much, he built his own wood fired pizza oven at home. In a nod to his brew pub aspiration, he also built a brewery in his garage. It may be the beginnings of a second career, but Frank isn’t messing around. “I always wanted a brew pub, that is my final goal with all this knowledge,” he says.

He recently traveled to Colorado to pick up the next milestone in his culinary journey: a custom-built food trailer, complete with a wood fired brick oven to cook his signature Neapolitan-style pizza. A vast improvement from the Cucina Rustico seen at the summer farmers markets in the park, this new trailer is a top-of-the-line facility where he can continue to create incredible, handmade pizzas at local markets, private events and fundraisers.

True family affairs, you will often see Frank and David’s wives on their trucks, running orders and taking care of patrons. Frank’s son and daughter also help with prep, shopping, baking, marketing and all the other odds and ends of running a family business. Jamie, Frank’s wife, is always at the order window, selling their signature Bianca Fresca pizza. Featuring goat cheese, prosciutto, olive and garlic oil, salt and pepper, and topped with crisp arugula, this pizza is sinfully delicious.

Mandy, David’s wife, can usually be found at the order window or running their children around to various activities. She always knows exactly what to recommend, like a perfectly cooked Blue Moon Burger on a freshly made brioche roll, or the French Steak Salad topped with David’s mouthwatering homemade dressing.

Whether it’s a classic Neapolitan pizza or a tasty lamb gyro, you are sure to receive something more than just a delicious meal at Cucina Rustico and at Lola’s. Each meal contains a little bit of love; a little bit of soul. And each interaction with David, Frank and their families gives a glimpse into lives filled with passion.

Both chefs wholeheartedly believe that food brings people together: it fosters conversations and creates lasting memories. Thanks to their rolling kitchens, David and Frank continue to bring their food — and their passion — to the people of the Heber Valley.

Hungry Yet?

Be sure to stop by the Heber City Farmer’s Market this summer and grab dinner at Cucina Rustico. Say hello to Frank and Jamie!

Lola’s — the restaurant — is opening this summer! Be sure to check out its new location (sans wheels) at 24 East Main Street, Midway.

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