Alicia Stockman

Midway Songstress
Local singer-songwriter Alicia Stockman was born and raised in Midway and has always felt a strong sense of community. It wasn’t until she decided to take the plunge from part-time entertainer to full-time professional musician; however, that Alicia felt the love and support from her local community, directed specifically towards her.

Alicia started getting serious about being a singer and a songwriter after she picked up her dad’s guitar and taught herself how to play while in high school. During her college years, she focused on writing and lyrics. After college, Alicia joined a rock band. She loved the experience, travel, and camaraderie she received from the band life. As Alicia began writing more and more music she knew her songs and dreams were outgrowing the band’s style and gigs. Alicia decided to take that inevitable leap of faith and focus solely on pursuing her own musical path. Over the winter of 2018, she released a series of singles. With the help of her band, she compiled those songs and recorded a six-song EP in Salt Lake City. The EP, released during the summer of 2019, is available on Spotify. Alicia shared, “I couldn’t have done all of this without all of that [the band]. We made the record on a shoestring budget all ourselves with the tools we had. It came out great. I’m super proud of it.”

While networking with other folk music artists and touring all over Texas, Alicia created a name for herself. Everything is bigger in Texas, so it’s no surprise that her ‘biggest’ fan base is there. After so many shows and appearances were canceled or rescheduled due to the pandemic, Alicia found herself shifting back to her local community. Like the rest of the world, she had a lot of time for self-reflection; figuring out what she truly wanted her future to look like, and time for writing new music for a debut album. Alicia began playing at local restaurants throughout Wasatch County and received a lot of encouragement and support.  With all that optimism, Alicia decided to head to Nashville and create a studio-produced album. She began a Kickstarter to raise funds, and her backers hit the goal in the first 72 hours. Alicia refers to her supporters from all over the world as her “shareholders and investors.” She said she definitely felt the most support from Midway and Heber Valley and considers the upcoming album “made by the community.” She expressed, “Because I am relying on the generosity of my community, friends, and family, I want it [the process] to feel like it’s an experience they can be a part of.” Once the campaign ends, she will head to Nashville to record the studio album with local producer Mary Bragg.

When asked what her music is all about, she responds,

“I write my truth. I want to be honest but not vague. I want people to connect to it [the lyrics and music] without giving away too many personal details.”

Alicia draws her audience in with clear, soulful vocals; as she sings about breakups, memories, family, romance, and even mental health. She enjoys experimenting with different musical styles and instruments to keep things fresh and interesting. Books, inspirational quotes, and even prompts from online musical groups, are Alicia’s biggest lyrical inspiration. Artists she is endlessly inspired by are: Patty Griffin, Suzy Boggus, and Indigo Girls, to name a few.

Alicia wouldn’t be where she is today without the lifelong support from her family and friends. On the tough days, they’re the ones encouraging her; they’ve made a huge impact on her decision to keep going. Alicia’s parents and sister are her biggest promoters and cheerleaders. Each of them are helping to get her name out into the community; sometimes just by good ole’ fashion bragging rights.

Having an independent musical career and opening shows at her favorite festivals has been a life-long dream. Now that that dream is a reality Alicia says, “For me to feel like I’m at this point in my career where that’s happening is crazy to me!” Although she has enough experience to know that this career choice is not for the faint of heart, she is so optimistically thankful for how far she has come and how much she has achieved. Alicia loves where she was born and raised. She is absolutely devoted to the Heber Valley and Midway communities. The unwavering support she continues to receive has helped solidify what she’s always known in her heart: That she will always have a solid place here, no matter how far her dreams may take her.

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