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Ladies Day Cross Country Ski

Ladies of all levels welcome! Ladies Day cross country skiing at the Nordic Center is incredibly popular and continues to gain momentum each year. Participating in the Nordic Center Ladies Day at Sundance is a great way to stay in shape during the winter months in an environment that is fun and friendly, safe, and affordable.

Lace-Up and Get Ready To Skate

If You’re Skating On Thin Ice, You Might As Well Dance! Anita Shreve When all the leaves have fallen, the gardens put to rest, and frost starts to sparkle our mornings; some might lament the coming of winter. However, others look forward to this time of year for one special reason — the Midway Ice Rink is ready to open. Visitors who come to Midway often say they come for the magical, quaint, small-town feel. Midway draws visitors and locals alike with its lively town square, plenty of incredible restaurants and shops…

6 Tips to elevate your skincare

Do you feel as if it’s time to turn in your skin resignation? Or, have you reconciled with the skin you inherited from your parents? Don’t give up! Having nice skin can be at least partly attributed to our genetics; however, there are environmental impacts that should be considered as well. Air, water, health, diet, sun exposure, heat, and products applied to our skin, all have a significant impact on our skin, health, and look. In my book 30 Day Skin Fix I help you learn rapid, simple, and scientifically proven steps…


Avalanche, it’s a sleeping giant in the snow, waiting below the surface like a troll under the bridge. Be on top of your game this winter. Avoid avalanche danger at all costs, and be prepared.

Holiday Traditions

Gather your kids, friends, and family to discover different cultures and the food they eat. Try out a few new recipes, and prepare them together. Participate in a festivity you've never celebrated before. Eat new foods. Share and create a new tradition!