Lace-Up and Get Ready To Skate

Come To Midway And Make Magical Memories!

If You’re Skating On Thin Ice, You Might As Well Dance!
Anita Shreve

When all the leaves have fallen, the gardens put to rest, and frost starts to sparkle our mornings; some might lament the coming of winter. However, others look forward to this time of year for one special reason — the Midway Ice Rink is ready to open.

Visitors who come to Midway often say they come for the magical, quaint, small-town feel. Midway draws visitors and locals alike with its lively town square, plenty of incredible restaurants and shops within walking distance, the unique Swiss architecture, and of course known and loved by both — in the heart of it all — The Midway Ice Rink!  Skating in Midway has become a rite of passage for locals and visitors. Everyone that comes to skate is instantly rewarded with feelings of a simpler, more carefree time. The quintessential setting of lights, music, and festive decor, makes it easy to create lifelong, cherished memories.

Opening the day after Thanksgiving and closing mid-March (weather permitting), the ice rink is open seven days a week for open skate. Boasting over 15k square feet of ice, it’s the largest outdoor ice skating rink in Utah. It takes a hardworking crew approximately ten days, from start to finish, to build the rink and create the 2½ – 3 inch thick ice.

The Midway Ice Rink committee was formed in the fall of 2017 after a group of citizens realized the city would not be opening the rink for the 2017 winter season. The committee acts as a concessionaire and oversees all management and operational responsibilities, which prevents a single person or entity from personally profiting from the rink. The ice rink is an entity of the Midway Boosters, who are the operating arm of Midway’s beloved Swiss Days and Swiss Christmas celebrations. The change ensures the future of the ice rink by providing needed updates, purchasing new equipment, hiring employees, and creating a consistent seasonal schedule.

Shannon Wilson, the ice rink manager since 2017, started as a volunteer on the committee but now enjoys an up-close and personal view (literally!) of the rink. Hailing from a professional, competitive ice skating career, Shannon has brought unparalleled knowledge, insight, and trust that only a professional would know, to the operational side of the ice rink. She recalls that the rink was originally built by committee members that wanted a hockey rink for the Wasatch High School hockey club. For years, there has been no hockey on the ice but Shannon, the committee, and locals alike are thrilled that there will finally be hockey offered this winter season!

The rink has several planned improvements such as new acrylic panels that are much easier to store and install than the previous glass panels. A new Zamboni will also make its debut this year since good ‘Ol’ ‘Bini’ has finally gone into retirement. The upgraded machine will be cleaner for the environment and make grooming the ice faster and easier. Another much-needed item that is new this year is a skate sharpening machine that can sharpen the 300 pairs of skates in a breeze!  Shannon is also hoping to add even more ambiance with more outdoor decor, so Santa can feel right at home during his yearly Christmas time visit.

A big reason why the ice rink is so special is the people that work there. The staff consists of mostly local high school students, which keeps the rink fun and interactive. It brings in the younger crowds every year, who enjoy a fun and affordable outing with friends. Skating at the rink is part of our youth’s culture, and it’s not uncommon for them to catch up with friends or meet new ones while waiting for their chance to hit the ice. The helpful employees are glad to offer skating tips and tricks to new skaters any chance they get, and many even take their breaks on the ice.

During the holidays, the magic of the rink is at its peak. The holidays are about tradition, which is why being outside in the fresh mountain air, ice skating with the ones you love, quickly becomes not only a wonderful familial holiday experience but a tradition for many! “It’s the best family activity, it’s affordable, open all weekend, any age can do it, and we have great concessions including the best hot chocolate in Midway to keep you warm!” Shannon’s enthusiasm is contagious.

Whether you’re a beginner at the ice rink or a seasoned pro, Midway Ice Rink has plenty of opportunities for everyone to get out on the ice this winter season. For an old-fashioned rite of passage, lace-up, don your favorite matching scarf and gloves, and join in on the fun at our beloved Midway Ice Rink. Triple Lutz not required.



$7 Adults

$6 Kids (6-12 Yrs)

Free – Children Under 5

$3 Skate Rentals

Punch Passes Available

What To Expect

  • Equipment Rentals
  • Concessions
  • Spectator Seating
  • Warming Area
  • Handicap Friendly
  • Private Rentals Available


Monday………………. 4:00 – 8:00 Pm

Tuesday………………. 4:00 – 8:00 Pm

Wednesday………….. 4:00 – 9:00 Pm

Thursday……………… 4:00 – 8:00 Pm

Friday…………………. 4:00 – 9:00 Pm

Saturday…………….. 12:00 – 9:00 Pm

Sunday……………….. 12:00 – 4:00 Pm


75 West 100 North
Midway, Utah


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