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Wasatch Women Defending The Wasatch’s Back

WITH THE SEEMINGLY ENDLESS COVERAGE OF PROTESTS, RIOTS, CIVIL UNREST AND VIOLENCE IN THE MEDIA, HAVE YOU STOPPED TO WONDER How Safe Are We? Having traveled through much of the United States and living in Italy for almost two years; I’ve always considered the Wasatch Back to be a comparatively safe area to live, but modern living means I can’t stay in the community 24/7. I also work in various cities all across America, so where exactly is “safe?” Each year the FBI issues a report of the Safest Cities and Towns in…

500 Hours Outside This Summer

Many parents are aware their kids are spending too much time indoors using electronic devices. A recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation found that the average eight to eighteen year old spends 7 hours and 38 minutes of electronic screen time per day. Let’s go outside! Outdoor play time helps to balance a child’s day and provide mental and physical health benefits. Did you know that most experts agree that 4-6 hours of playing outside each day is optimal for child health? Here are 25 fun ideas to get you going!…

Heber City Tabernacle

When Heber City Main Street’s Tabernacle Was Facing Demolition, a Community Banded Together to Protect Their Heritage. As a resident of this beautiful valley, and an admirer of anything local, I have a deep appreciation for all the history we share and all the beautiful, historical buildings and homes that are still standing. One of my favorite buildings is the Heber City Hall, or as it was originally known, The Wasatch Stake Tabernacle. As I gaze at or walk its corridors, I find it easy to wonder about the past. If only…

Emergence Art Contest

Inspired by Our Home Town The majestic and varied landscapes of Wasatch County have inspired artists from across the globe since the early pioneers first settled here. Today our valley’s mountains, rivers, fields, farms, and skate parks are inspiring a whole new generation of young artists. The year 2020 brought about a lot of change for everyone — in Wasatch County, a group of PTA presidents representing the district’s elementary, middle, and high schools, decided to change things up a bit too. After much deliberation…


Avalanche, it’s a sleeping giant in the snow, waiting below the surface like a troll under the bridge. Be on top of your game this winter. Avoid avalanche danger at all costs, and be prepared.

Holiday Traditions

Gather your kids, friends, and family to discover different cultures and the food they eat. Try out a few new recipes, and prepare them together. Participate in a festivity you've never celebrated before. Eat new foods. Share and create a new tradition!

Wasatch High to Allow Fall Sports

Sports fans will be pleased to know that Wasatch High School is planning to have cross-country, golf, soccer, tennis, volleyball, and even football this Fall. Some accommodations will be made to allow the sports to go forward. Ryan Bishop, Assistant Principal, said that a baseball program was held this summer with 30-35 participants. Protocols included extra sanitizing and cleaning, among other things, and there were no issues with Covid. The football team has also been holding drills and practices with very limited…