Winter Sips

Spice Things Up This Winter With These Festive Drinks.

Winter is the perfect time of year for nostalgia and modern-day flair to come together. For me, creating elegant and tasteful drinks to share is a joy! I love reaching out to friends, old and new, with a heart-felt “Grab a drink, let’s chat!” It’s a great ice-breaker and conversation starter. Here are a few of my favorite concoctions for you to try — who knows, you might discover a new tradition to share. From my mad-genius recipe lab to your winter festivities — Happy Winter Wasatch!


Winter Sangria Special

A Refreshing, Casual Get-Together!

Mix –

1 Cup of White Grape Juice

1 Cup of Cherry Juice

3 TBSP of Simple Syrup

1 TSP of Rum Extract

Garnish –

1 Orange cut into slices

1 Green Apple, diced

1 Cup of Red Grapes, sliced

¼ Cup of Berries, whole

Mint or Rosemary leaves for glass garnish

Directions –

Combine the mix at room temperature and mix well. Add ½ of the garnish into the mix and refrigerate for 2 hours until chilled. To serve, pour into an old fashion glass or tumbler, spoon remaining garnish on top. Add mint for flourish.

Create an adult beverage by adding ¼ ounce each of Brandy, Triple Sec, and Grand Marnier. Sub cherry juice for a lovely red wine or mixed wine of choice such as, Shiraz or Malbec.


Winter White Wassell

A Formal Dinner Pair!

Mix –

4 Cups of Spiced Apple Cider of Choice

2 Inch of Fresh Ginger, peeled and halved

1 Lemon, sliced

2 Cinnamon Sticks, whole

2 TBSP of Whole Cloves

½ Vanilla Bean Pod, seeded
(or 1 TSP of pure vanilla extract)

Garnish –

1 Cup of Fresh squeezed Orange Juice

1 Cup of Half & Half

Ground Cinnamon

Orange Rind and/or Lemon Slices

Directions –

Bring the mix ingredients to a boil on medium heat for approx. 10 minutes. While the mix is boiling, fill mugs with ¼ cup of orange juice and ¼ cup of half and half. Place a fine mesh sieve in a bowl and strain the mix. Ladle mix into prepared mugs and garnish with an orange rind, lemon slice, and sprinkle of cinnamon.

Toasting with adults? Switch out the orange juice for whiskey at the bottom of each mug.


Spiced Mexican Hot Chocolate

Decadent Dessert Drink!

Mix –

3 Cups of Whole Milk

3 Cups Half & Half

¼ Cup of Unsweetened Cocoa Powder

¼ Cup of Granulated Sugar

½ Cup of Premium Dark Chocolate Bar (We recommend Ritual Chocolate’s Offering)

½ TSP of Vanilla & Almond Extract

1 ½ TSP of Ground Cinnamon

2 Pinches of Cayenne Pepper

Garnish –

Whipped Cream


Grated Chocolate

Peppermint Stick

Directions –

Combine all ingredients in a heavy-bottom sauce-pan and heat on low until ingredients are well combined. Ladle into mugs and garnish as desired. This recipe can be prepared in a crockpot on low, stirring occasionally approx. 2 hours before serving.

Spice things up by adding ½ ounce of chocolate liqueur and Kahlua to each mug.