Susette Gertsch: Midway Artist, Teacher And Originator

You can tell a lot about a person from his or her front porch. A floral welcome mat makes you think of a cheery household inside. Loud barking keeps you away from the porch altogether! But an eclectic covered porch with a casual arrangement that includes a child’s chair complete with a ragdoll, a grouping of apples in a tin pail and a little hide-away house that’s now home to a stray cat, you know this is the home of an artist. Susette Gertsch, of the truck seen on Homestead Drive which has the sign

Heber Valley Choir + Orchestra

The Hills And Valley Are Alive With Music There is a certain excitement before a concert begins. It starts with the rustle of chairs being moved. Next comes the trill of an oboe; soon followed by some strings and a final flourish of the timpani. The lights dim, maestro Heather Thaxton arrives, and a baton is raised. For a brief moment there is quiet anticipation… nothing but anticipation. Suddenly, the magic begins. Heber Valley Choir and Orchestra has been making magic with their music in the valley since