The Future Of Healthcare In The Valley

In 1932, Dr. Robert McKnight, a Scotsman, served as the first doctor in Heber Valley. At that time, the closest hospital was in Salt Lake City and doctors visited their patients in their homes. While the healthcare landscape has changed, the highly personalized care of those early home visits hasn’t.

Heber Valley Hospital Expands To Meet The Needs Of A Growing Community

Heber Valley Hospital and its team of dedicated caregivers are working to ensure access to excellent, affordable healthcare resources that are close to home.

While Heber Valley Hospital is known for its high quality and highly personalized care, the need to expand was clear. The current hospital was designed to meet the needs of a population of just 13,000. The population in Wasatch County is now over 30,000 with no signs of slowing down.

With its mission to help people live the healthiest lives possible, Intermountain Healthcare is making the largest investment ever made in the delivery of healthcare and hospital services in Heber Valley.
The $26-million expansion of the hospital includes a new Emergency Department, Same-Day Surgery Services, InstaCare (open for walk-in visits 12 hours per day, seven days per week), MRI Suite, and additional service amenities. Modernizing and expanding the campus accommodates more specialists, services, and fast, convenient access. These enhancements and others will redefine clinic and hospital access for people living in and around Heber Valley.The vision for the modernized facility focuses solely on benefits and values for our patients and their families, with an emphasis on achieving the best possible clinical outcomes in a healing atmosphere at the lowest possible cost.

Heber Valley Hospital’s Vision:

  • Providing new, life-saving technologies in a modern healthcare design
  • Accommodating the needs of a growing population
  • Expanding and modernizing a spectrum of patient service areas
  • Maximizing patient safety, privacy, and comfort
  • Improving adjacencies of clinical services for the convenience and safety of our patients
    Enhancing the recruitment and retention of physicians and staff
  • Increasing healthcare access with the opening of the InstaCare on the campus
  • Increasing efficiency and incorporating environmentally friendly design, systems,
    and materials to reduce operating costs
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