7 Family-Friendly Fall Activities

There’s a lot to love about the Heber Valley in the fall. From cool, crisp mornings and stunning fall colors, to annual fall traditions that make our valley unique, here are seven fun activities your entire family will “fall” for. Heber Valley Railroad Pumpkin Train The “Heber Creeper” is a classic Heber Valley attraction. In the fall, be sure to take a ride on the annual Pumpkin Train, which includes a 40-minute train ride through the beautiful Heber Valley landscape, entertainment by costumed characters

Winter Warrior

Greg Tayler, MD, a family practice physician at Heber Valley Hospital, is no stranger to endurance sports. As a student at East High in the 80s, he was a gifted cross-country and track athlete — but all that changed when he landed a job at Guthrie Bicycles in Salt Lake City and traded his track spikes for bike spokes. Guthrie Bicycles sponsored the 1983 East Canyon Triathlon and encouraged its employees to participate. At the time, triathlons weren’t as well-known as they are today — it was a burgeoning sport that…

The Future Of Healthcare In The Valley

In 1932, Dr. Robert McKnight, a Scotsman, served as the first doctor in Heber Valley. At that time, the closest hospital was in Salt Lake City and doctors visited their patients in their homes. While the healthcare landscape has changed, the highly personalized care of those early home visits hasn’t.