Let’s Rally

Karl Malone’s Heber City Jeep Rally

You’ve seen them around town. Jeeps caked in mud or covered in a thin veneer of red dust, looking like they’re coming home from someplace fun. I always wondered how someone learns to go off-roading if they didn’t grow up with it. As it turns out, Karl Malone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram in Heber City hosts a Jeep Rally each summer to get new Jeep owners out on the trails and help them become familiar with four-wheeling.

The dealership sees a lot of first-time Jeep buyers and they know it can be intimidating to take your new vehicle out on some rough roads. But that’s what Jeeps are made for! So, in 2020, they hosted the first Karl Malone Jeep Rally and it’s since become an annual tradition. Invites go out to all customers who have purchased a Jeep or had one serviced at Karl Malone. Everyone is welcome; you don’t have to be a Karl Malone customer to attend.

In the weeks leading up to the event, the Karl Malone team scouts out trail conditions and runs the planned route in a stock Jeep, just to be sure the terrain is beginner-friendly. An experienced team of drivers, both employees and customers, are recruited as trail spotters for the big day.

The rally begins at the dealership around 9 am, where everyone gathers, signs waivers, takes photos, and goes over the plan for the half-day event. Soon, it’s time to hit the trails. Usually, they have about 50-60 Jeeps participating. Two years ago, there were 80 participants, with some coming all the way from Idaho and Wyoming!

The trails selected for the event are usually county roads near Heber, and the trail ride typically takes a couple of hours. They’ll assign a lead and a sweep, as well as several more experienced drivers distributed throughout the group, in case anyone needs help. If there are any tricky spots, they’ll station more experienced rock crawlers to “spot” drivers that need it.

After the ride, everyone gathers back at the dealership for an afternoon of fun. All the cars get cleared off the lot, speakers are set up, and caterers are brought in to serve up a delicious BBQ lunch. For the last couple of years, Meg’s Timberline Cafe catered the event, so you know it was good!

In addition to food, drinks, and music, participants might even see Mr. Malone himself, who has been known to make an appearance at these events. The dealership will be giving away up to $10,000 in cool prizes, like lift kits, new tires, or a barbecue grill. It’s a great time for everyone!

Although this year has seen record-breaking snowpack – the show will go on! The 2023 Jeep Rally will be held July 8th with registration starting at 9:00 am and the Jeeps rolling out at 10:00 am. General Sales Manager, Bryan Reed, shared that the main concern for the Rally is taking care of the trails. Being good trail stewards means waiting for the trails to dry out before driving on them.

While you don’t have to be a Karl Malone customer to participate, they do prefer to keep the ride exclusive to Jeeps. However, anyone can attend the party at the lot after the ride. The best way to stay informed is to follow Karl Malone Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram on Facebook and Instagram. Social media followers and email subscribers are the first to be notified with any changes or updates to the Rally.

If you’re a new Jeep owner who’s a bit timid about getting off-road, the Karl Malone Jeep Rally was made for you!

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