A little over one year ago, three students from Wasatch high school assembled after a local talent show to play music together, and instant chemistry was born. Not just musically, but personally, as the boys immediately became great friends. Hien Maeda (vocals and guitar) 18, Joseph Nielson (bass) 18, and Coleman Atkinson (drums) 18, make up the three-member band called SPACEDØUT. They are passionate about what they do and have been honored to be able to show Heber Valley what they have to offer the music community. Their…

Branding In The Heber Valley

Livestock branding is an age-old technique that dates back to ancient Egypt and Rome, where brands were used to signify ownership. Europe adopted the practice during the Middle Ages and the technique was later imported to the Americas by Spanish cowboys. Creating A Brand Back in the day, ranchers would record brands in a book they carried in their pockets. As brands became more widely used, laws were passed requiring registration and inspection. Today, Utah ranchers can either design their own unique brand or choose one…

A Helping Hand

At the Heber Food Pantry, it’s about more than just giving away free food. Bryce Hendley, the pantry’s leader, says the pantry is all about the “spirit of community giving and loving.” As the second largest food pantry run by Utah Community Action in the state, that’s a lot of giving and loving.