Making Music In The HV

A little over one year ago, three students from Wasatch high school assembled after a local talent show to play music together, and instant chemistry was born. Not just musically, but personally, as the boys immediately became great friends. Hien Maeda (vocals and guitar) 18, Joseph Nielson (bass) 18, and Coleman Atkinson (drums) 18, make up the three-member band called SPACEDØUT. They are passionate about what they do and have been honored to be able to show Heber Valley what they have to offer the music community. Their success in the Heber, Salt Lake and Provo music scene is impressive considering the time they have had to master their artistry as a group. SPACEDØUT is breaking barriers and making waves throughout the art culture locally and beyond.

SPACEDØUT is an Indie/Alternative rock band based out of Heber. The band is grateful to the community for giving them the opportunity to share their talent. Heber Valley has had a significant effect on the band members and has played a major role in the writing process for their songs. Making music has helped them embrace the local music and art culture. The band shared, “The music culture here is small but important to those in it. A part of us [the community] is kept close and embraced when moments of artistry arise and are shared.” It is in these moments that the best friends discover inspiration for their music. Our beautiful Heber Valley has been an ideal place for them, and others, to share their songs. Everyone from teenagers to adults can appreciate songs like “Thoughtless Dreams,” “Motorcycle Girl,” and “Angel Behind the Wall,” a ballad that has over 50,000 Streams on Spotify. “Angel Behind the Wall,” is the band’s most popular song and holds special meaning for both the band and community. It was written in honor of the band’s classmate and friend, Avery, a local student who was injured in a rock rappelling accident. The song has touched many hearts with lines like, “Could you be kind enough to let her know that she is loved unconditionally” and “angel behind the wall, can you hear us as we try to talk.” The song skyrocketed, earning about 40,000 more streams on Spotify than any other song the band has released to date.

SPACEDØUT consistently has almost 900 monthly listeners, which is impressive for such a young band. Exciting as the numbers are, the band prefers not to check up on the amount of listens and streams they receive, concentrating more on their writing. Hien, the lead singer, says, “If you’re not producing music, your stats go down, and you can feel discouraged. I’ve completely stopped looking at that now.” Writing music is a time for the band to collaborate and share their creativity and ideas. “During these times, we build upon and fine-tune these inspirations together. It takes time, like a puzzle, but the finished piece is the reward.” SPACEDØUT enjoys writing together, but most of all, they enjoy performing live. “Nothing can beat the feeling of a live performance. You get a reaction to the things you are doing and playing, and it is really rewarding.” SPACEDØUT enjoys recording in the studio together and making music with their producer, who is also a Heber local.

This spring, two of the band members will graduate from Wasatch High School, and another will return to college in the fall. At the end of the summer, the band will part ways. In the meantime, Hien, Joseph, and Coleman are excited to announce a full-length album to be released this spring. The album will consist of 10 songs and is something they are very proud of. For now, the band plans to spend as much time as possible writing and recording in the studio as friends and bandmates.

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