Tourism in Heber Valley

Paul and Cameron Phillips are a father and son duo who own and operate Strawberry Bay Marina on Strawberry Reservoir. They represent the second and third generation of the Phillips family to run the family-owned business. Since the mid-1970s, when Paul’s father started the company, the father and son team have grown the business to serve the over 2 million visitors that come to recreate at Strawberry Reservoir each year.

Creative Cuisine

Heber Valley’s dining scene has evolved over the years from fast-food chains dominating the market to becoming a culinary destination with over 30 unique restaurants found only here. To become a food destination in the restaurant industry, chefs and owners know they have to stand out. Being creative, preparing quality food, offering a consistent experience, and creating an atmosphere where people want to be is more important than ever in this competitive field. There are many ways to be creative in the restaurant world.…

Charley Jenkins

These are the things that country musician and Heber Valley resident Charley Jenkins wants his music to convey. For Jenkins, creating this type of music had to come from a real place. Home. Jenkins grew up not too far from the Heber Valley in the small rural town of Roosevelt, Utah. Like most folks in his town, country living was just part of everyday life. His family ran a small cattle ranch. He wrestled and rodeoed in high school and just enjoyed the charm of living in a small town. When it comes to writing