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Moments And Meals Unique To Heber Valley

Heber Valley’s dining scene has evolved over the years from fast-food chains dominating the market to becoming a culinary destination with over 30 unique restaurants found only here. To become a food destination in the restaurant industry, chefs and owners know they have to stand out. Being creative, preparing quality food, offering a consistent experience, and creating an atmosphere where people want to be is more important than ever in this competitive field.

There are many ways to be creative in the restaurant world. Some places like Wildfire Smokehaus incorporate famous musicians into their restaurant, like Michael Martin Murphey. Spin Café features fun sculptures that people are encouraged to touch and feel. Ryan Estel at the Old Goat talks about creativity in coming up with new menu items.

“The more creative we are; the more interesting the dishes we make become. This keeps people interested in what’s next, and it keeps us from getting complacent,” said Estel.

For many, eating out isn’t just about eating to be filled. It’s about having a memorable experience with family, a spouse, or friends. To that end, Vanessa Kibble at Main Street Social has recently experimented with a change in the format of their business. They have begun “The Social Experiment,” in which they highlight a different region of the world’s cuisine with about five to seven courses all in a social environment. It’s like a dinner party one might hold at home with friends.

“We want our guests to feel comfortable; like our place is a home away from home where they can have great food and a good time with their friends, but don’t have to do the dishes,” said Kibble.

As most know, people “eat with their eyes,” if it looks good, then it must taste good. Gary Wohlfarth of the Back 40 Ranch House feels that presentation extends from the food on the plate to the restaurant atmosphere. The atmosphere is created by combining good food, a high level of service, and an environment where people are comfortable. Wohlfarth says they have found success in balancing these aspects. Their view of the valley and the mountains doesn’t hurt either.

Each year the Heber Valley Chamber celebrates our local flavors during their annual Restaurant Week, where local restaurants offer special pricing to encourage residents to try something new. This year Restaurant Week will be April 19 – 25 with over two dozen restaurants and eateries participating. More information about the participating restaurants and what they will be offering during the week can be found at

The dining scene in Heber Valley is truly special. From creative dishes, unique experiences, and warm and inviting atmospheres, there are moments and meals that you can only get here in the Heber Valley.

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