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9/11 National Day of Service

In conjunction with the National Day of Service; local civic groups, faith organizations, the forest service, school councils, senior centers, the Wasatch Parent Network, the Wasatch Community Foundation, and others within our community have organized Heber Valley’s 9/11 Day of Service. On Saturday, September 10th, there will be 15 different service projects taking place throughout our valley for individuals and families to participate in. Please scan the QR code or visit  for a list of…

Wasatch Community Foundation

We all know that our valley is a treasure trove of natural beauty. However, have you ever asked yourself what Wasatch County’s most valuable attraction is? I believe it’s the people who live here, and that includes our amazing youth. Wasatch Community Foundation agrees. According to their website,, the mission of their Educational Pillar is to help produce, “The Finest Youth on the Planet!” Helping our youth find their way in the world and giving them as many educational opportunities as possible is at the…
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