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Duck and Cover

Plan for the Worst, Hope for the Best As a Utah resident, I have come to cherish my desert time. I love the Glen Canyon and using Lake Powell to share the desert grandeur with my children, who are not of the age to go hardcore canyoneering. A handful of years ago, I led my family on a 4th of July adventure to the up-lake region of Powell. Given my predispositions to adventure, nature, and exploration — I charted a course to an area that the National Park Service issued warnings about due to low water. There is no cell…

Join the Crawfish Boil Crew

It’s summer time! Vacations are near; school’s out; and the days are pleasant and long. If you’re searching for a fun and unique activity to do close to home and after work — try fishing for crawfish at our very own Strawberry Reservoir. rCrawfish boils have long been a time-honored tradition throughout the South but over the years they have become quite popular here in land-locked Utah. Some people would say that these little crustaceans are just as delicious as lobster; some say they’re better. Most agree that they are…