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The biathlon is a winter sport that combines cross-country skiing and rifle shooting. The sport is rooted in the skiing traditions of Scandinavia, where early inhabitants revered the Norse God, Ull, as both their ski and hunting God. Initially, the combined skills of skiing and rifle marksmanship were developed for the region’s militaries during the 1700s. In 1776 the first recorded biathlon competition took place along the border dividing Norway and Sweden; it was between patrol companies. The first biathlon club, the…

Heber City Tabernacle

When Heber City Main Street’s Tabernacle Was Facing Demolition, a Community Banded Together to Protect Their Heritage. As a resident of this beautiful valley, and an admirer of anything local, I have a deep appreciation for all the history we share and all the beautiful, historical buildings and homes that are still standing. One of my favorite buildings is the Heber City Hall, or as it was originally known, The Wasatch Stake Tabernacle. As I gaze at or walk its corridors, I find it easy to wonder about the past. If only…

Heber Valley Meats: A Cut Above

An Unknown Rancher Once Said, “In Winter’s Chill or Summer’s Heat . . . Farmers and Ranchers Work so the World Can Eat.” Farms and ranches are more than wide swaths of land used to raise crops and livestock. They are a family’s heritage and future. Jessie Morris and Chad Murdock understand the importance of both heritage and looking towards the future; it’s one of the main reasons they opened a butcher shop right here in their beloved Heber Valley. Jessie and Chad have been best friends since middle school. The Morris…

Holiday Traditions

Gather your kids, friends, and family to discover different cultures and the food they eat. Try out a few new recipes, and prepare them together. Participate in a festivity you've never celebrated before. Eat new foods. Share and create a new tradition!