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Wasatch Women Defending The Wasatch’s Back

WITH THE SEEMINGLY ENDLESS COVERAGE OF PROTESTS, RIOTS, CIVIL UNREST AND VIOLENCE IN THE MEDIA, HAVE YOU STOPPED TO WONDER How Safe Are We? Having traveled through much of the United States and living in Italy for almost two years; I’ve always considered the Wasatch Back to be a comparatively safe area to live, but modern living means I can’t stay in the community 24/7. I also work in various cities all across America, so where exactly is “safe?” Each year the FBI issues a report of the Safest Cities and Towns in…


Avalanche, it’s a sleeping giant in the snow, waiting below the surface like a troll under the bridge. Be on top of your game this winter. Avoid avalanche danger at all costs, and be prepared.

Holiday Traditions

Gather your kids, friends, and family to discover different cultures and the food they eat. Try out a few new recipes, and prepare them together. Participate in a festivity you've never celebrated before. Eat new foods. Share and create a new tradition!
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