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Scavenger Hunt Adventure

A bright summer sun lights up the large red barn west of a pioneer home site off Southfield Road. Chirping birds in two tall pines are momentarily silenced by the Heber Creeper’s shrill whistle as she rolls southwest along the historic Heber — Provo railroad line. Suddenly, my Minepro metal detector beeps loudly, indicating a metal object approximately 8” below (according to the digital readout). I am detecting around a brick walkway that leads to the now boarded-up front door. I dig a circular hole in the reddish soil…

The Mayflower Star Mine

In January, 2019, while skiing down to the Sultan Express Chairlift at Deer Valley, I noticed the outlines of an old silver mine below the lift to the East, and a large mine tailing area even further down the mountain. As a trained geologist, whose first job after college was exploring for geothermal energy and related epithermal ore deposits in Utah and Nevada, my curiosity was raised! In May of 2020 I finally got the chance to hike up and visit these old mines of the Park City Mining District, Mayflower Complex. The large…

Beneath the Surface

My first introduction to the lost town of Keetley came from a story my dad tells about him and his high-school friend, driving along the old stretch of highway 40 that then bridged Park City and Heber, before the dam was constructed in the late 80s. They had a tradition that as they approached Keetley, my dad would kick his 1964 Buick Special into neutral, turn off his engine, and coast down the hill towards Heber; then, as they approached the Keetley town limits, as indicated by a small road sign reading “Keetley,” they…
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