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A Leap of Faith and a Little Heavy Lifting

At the start of a world-wide health pandemic, Justin Fuchs took a leap of faith and opened Iron Backs gym to share his love of health and fitness with the valley. From the beginning, the mission of the gym has been to offer an environment of support and encouragement, where anyone could feel comfortable showing up as they are in the present moment at an affordable cost. Justin expressed, “I wanted less people without dads and granddads because of health issues. That’s something we can control . . . health and fitness we can…

Heber Valley Business Launch

Jakob and Brodie Kahler have always been close. Close in age, close in proximity, and now close in business. When I say close, I’m referring to being near each other in time and space; to be fair — the two brothers were like most siblings — fighting, arguing, and not fully appreciating each other until later in life. Fortunately, for brothers and best friends, Jake and Brodie, their ‘later in life’ happened during High School. KNIT TOGETHER Growing up, Brodie was content to let Jake take the lead. He shared, “As the…