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Fijn Cocoa

fijn adjective \ ˈfīn \ nice, pleasant fine, thin delicate, meticulous made of small pieces, grains etc. Winter is here and that means snuggling up on a couch, watching the snowflakes slowly fall, while sipping your favorite hot drink. For the ‘Bradley Clan’ that hot drink would definitely be their unique blend of Fijn cocoa.  What began as an experiment to create a hot chocolate drink, that wasn’t so sweet, quickly developed into a deliciously fun family business; sharing the ‘Fijn’ life with everyone!…

A Leap of Faith and a Little Heavy Lifting

At the start of a world-wide health pandemic, Justin Fuchs took a leap of faith and opened Iron Backs gym to share his love of health and fitness with the valley. From the beginning, the mission of the gym has been to offer an environment of support and encouragement, where anyone could feel comfortable showing up as they are in the present moment at an affordable cost. Justin expressed, “I wanted less people without dads and granddads because of health issues. That’s something we can control . . . health and fitness we can…
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