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Ballerina Farm

Our lives are filled with moments that help shape who we are, and who we want to become. Sometimes, all it takes is a flash in time, one moment, to completely alter the course of our lives. Daniel and Hannah Neeleman experienced such an instance while living in Brazil. One day, the couple visited a cattle ranch and witnessed a scene that would change everything — hogs free ranging. Daniel couldn’t stop watching the pigs as they roamed through open pasture, munching on grass side by side with the cattle. They weren’t in pens…

2 Farm Boys

If you love buying local products and supporting our small business economy — you should visit 2 Farmboys. This wonderful family-owned and operated goat farm and soap-making company is located right here in our talent-filled valley. 2 Farmboys Soap is created in a ‘soap shed’ in small batches on the Cummings farm in Heber. The business sold its very first family-made, goat milk soap at a local market in 2016 and has been selling and growing steadily ever since. The Cummings family includes; JR, Colleen, Wyatt, and Kash.…

Creamayre Brook Farms

To be successful in business, “Find a need that’s not being met and meet it better than anyone else.” This is the mantra of Wayne and Kathy Buell, co-founders of Creamayre Brook Farm, located on Highway 40. From a sunny dining room overlooking their beautiful gardens, and what one might call a Five Star Equestrian Center, Wayne and Kathy share humble, but profound, wisdom learned over three decades of running the facility from their family farm. For so many businesses, the past two years have been challenging. Many know…
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