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Jade’s Cafe.

It’s amazing how sometimes when you walk into a restaurant, a store, or cafe you can immediately feel the atmosphere that the owners are aiming for. This is exactly what happened to me the second I stepped foot in Jade’s Cafe, it was as if there was an enchanting aura that enveloped the entire space. The vibe that the owners, Halle and Mason Squires, are trying to achieve is a laid back cozy cafe, somewhere you feel right at home. In Halle’s words, “My favorite, we have this lady that comes in with her mom. Her mom’s old…

Community Coffee Gratitude

If you are anything like me, one of your favorite parts of downtown Heber would be the charming, unique shops that help cultivate the small-town vibes. Whether sun shining, leaves falling, or snow twirling, one cannot help but feel nostalgic while driving down the main street of ‘rural’ Heber that seems to be disappearing. The addition of modern buildings, though exciting, often creates an appreciation for the Heber City buildings of yesteryear. If you make time to take a serious look at some of our historic structures, you…