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Brewing up the perfect blend

If you are anything like me, one of your favorite parts of downtown Heber would be the charming, unique shops that help cultivate the small-town vibes. Whether sun shining, leaves falling, or snow twirling, one cannot help but feel nostalgic while driving down the main street of ‘rural’ Heber that seems to be disappearing. The addition of modern buildings, though exciting, often creates an appreciation for the Heber City buildings of yesteryear. If you make time to take a serious look at some of our historic structures, you might discover the stories of those who built them within the bricks. Many who casually drive by these old homes may not realize it, but today, inside many of them, are community residents trying to preserve the structures and the stories.

That is how I would describe Shawn McMullen, owner of Everyday Coffee House: a preserver. On the corner of Main and 300 South, inside a 19th century Victorian house, lies an authentic coffee house that seems as if it could have been here since Heber was first established. Everyday Coffee House aims to preserve the authenticity of our community, while at the same time creating a history of its own. The best part being that you and I get to take part in this story.

Only a few years ago, Shawn held a corporate position that required him to relocate up and down both sides of the west coast. The constant moves and shifts left an empty gap and it was difficult to define where home was. When the 2020 COVID shutdowns spread, Shawn recognized there was no better moment to reimagine his life. Everything slowed down which allowed Shawn and his wife, Becka, to reinvent the life they wanted. A close family friend tipped them off to a small town in central Utah, named Heber City. Shawn shared, “When we came through town, everything was locked down, but still, we managed to have conversations with people here. The people were nice and friendly, and we said to one another ‘this is it. This is where we want to put down roots.’”

The corporate lifestyle that had taken them so many places was no longer a source of joy in their lives, so they decided to put principle over profit, and pick up life in the Heber Valley. A drive down Main Street revealed historic buildings they instantly fell in love with. Shawn and Becka had a strong desire to not just live in this beautiful valley, but they wanted to be a part of it — a part of the community — and they wanted to create a business that centered on gratitude.

With one step into Everyday Coffee House, you’ll realize it isn’t anything like any coffee house you’ve been to before. The coffee house rings with the quiet rustle of books and papers of those working; and the steam rising from a toasted cup of coffee, combined with the quiet hustle of Main Street that seems to be painted onto the windows, signals that all are welcome. “Almost everyone comes together over a cup of coffee or tea, and I wanted to give everyone that experience — the coffee experience.” And, let me tell you, Shawn knows how to create that coffee experience. Shawn has put his all into everything that has gone into Everyday Coffee House. The goal is for everyone to feel that any moment spent there is a moment of serenity, a moment of nostalgia, a moment of gratitude, and a moment of discovery; feelings that are impossible to buy or create, but come from the raw and authentic parts of who we are.

Everyday Coffee House is a European style café, with only the finest coffees. All the beans are completely organic and single origin to ensure the taste of quality. With a menu full of unique earthy tastes, your senses are sure to be enlightened. For the best experience, Shawn asks that you walk away from everything you know about coffee and allow yourself to drink coffee on the cusp —bold, roasted to the richest flavors, and see the difference it makes. While Shawn has a passion for coffee, his true passion is caring about people and what he can do to help their day go just a little bit smoother. That’s why this is not only a destination for your new favorite cup of coffee, but also the destination for the finest of teas, and the valley’s home-based favorite Dottie’s Kolaches.

Whether you need a place to work, to relax, to throw a party, or host a gathering, Everyday Coffee House is your destination. The owner looks forward to the future of his business which is to include, monthly tastings, spreading authentic coffee throughout our hometown, and further gathering the community of the Heber Valley. “In five years from now,” Shawn shares, “I would like to see Heber maintain its quaintness and small-town vibe, as well as its ‘Ma and Pa’ businesses,” The very qualities that drew Shawn and Becka to Heber in the first place. “People come here to work, people come here to meet up…and people come here to play.”

Everything about the coffee house has been done with authenticity and gratitude. Shawn explains, “There was one day we drove through Heber looking for a location to start our business, and I said, ‘None of these will work for me.’ But then we saw this house, and this house looks just like the house that my mom grew up in. This Victorian house reminded me of my grandmother’s home, so I walked up and knocked on the door to ask if I could rent the space.” Shawn’s tie to the house could be why it feels like home when you walk through the doors. He continued to share, “Later I found out that it is a historical building; it was the first mayor of Heber’s home and is registered on the national registry as the ‘James Clyde House.’” The history of the house is important to Shawn and he has dedicated himself to putting something in it that is unique, small-town, and speaks to the destination of Heber City.

Come visit Everyday Coffee House, enjoy the culture of this small-town coffee house, and don’t be surprised if your new favorite pastime is watching the snow fall through the windows of that 19th century Victorian home, with a delicious drink warming your hands.

People come here to work, people come here to meet up… and people come here to play drop in and say, hello!  312 s main, Heber City – just south of Heber City park –

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