Spin Cafe – HV Chamber Business Of The Month

This pandemic has caused many businesses to adapt, get creative, and re-think the way they conduct business. We would like to recognize our business owners, government officials, and our community members for their commitment to Heber Valley. Our small businesses have been able to stay afloat because of the unwavering support of our locals and government officials.

The Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce recognizes Spin Cafe as our business of the month for their ongoing efforts to keep our community fed and nourished during this crazy pandemic. Spin Café has recently added an outdoor dining option to support their customers and keep their business going.

Joline and Vincent are the owners of Spin Café. They opened in Heber Valley 14 years ago. Prior to coming to Heber Valley Vincent and Joline owned and ran an Italian restaurant in Telluride, CO for 13 years. The Esposito’s visited Park City in the early ’90s and visited Heber Valley during that visit. Years later when the couple decided it was time to make a change, they quickly remembered the valley and decided it was the next stop on their adventure.

Vincent comes from a long line of restaurant owners. His family has owned restaurants all over the US. Vincent is Italian-American which speaks-to his gelato-making capabilities.

The Esposito’s like many small business owners wear many hats. They do everything from cooking, prep work, purchasing, cleaning tables, to waiting tables. You would be hard-pressed to find time at the restaurant without seeing at least one of them working.

When they are not working the couple enjoys their time outdoors with their fur babies. Vincent enjoys mountain biking and hiking and skiing during the winter. Vincent attributes his love for adrenaline sports as a great way to escape the everyday pressures of being a small business owner. Joline on the other hand finds peace and serenity through yoga and meditation.

Spin Café employs 17-18 staff members. Vincent and Joline are always looking for new recipes and opportunities. They have a very diverse menu that suits their diverse clientele. Joline’s favorite is the Seattle BLT which includes Fresh grilled salmon, apple-smoked bacon, lettuce, Roma tomatoes & chipotle mayo on a fresh potato roll. Vincent loves anything with brisket, more recently he has enjoyed the Korean Beef Bowl, Spicy gochujang-marinated beef, jasmine rice, kimchi slaw, hardboiled organic pasture-raised egg, green onion, toasted sesame seeds, sweet soy.

The Esposito’s are very grateful for the support of the community during the last six months and have this to say “ Thank you to our customers, they came in more than regularly, and they did it on purpose. The local population cares about their small businesses and it’s a really great feeling.” Vincent Esposito.

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