Open House #1: Stakeholder Focus Group Scenarios Open House

This is your time to share your voice

You are specially invited to the Envision Central Heber Workshop

February 15. Choose between two different times:

  • 12:00 PM at the Senior Citizens Center
  • 6:30 PM at Wasatch County Library

Why Attend?

We need YOUR input about the City’s vision in these three areas:

  1. The Main Street Corridor.
    • Should mixed-uses be allowed further west beyond the 100 West or further east beyond 100 East?
    • How much mixed use, density and height/stories should be allowed and where?
    • Should there be increased architectural standards for new development to help our City look the way we want? And more….
  2. A New Proposed Recreation & Tourism District
    • Should Heber City make the 600 West area around the Heber Valley Railroad and County Fairgrounds into a Recreation and Tourism District?
    • What uses should be allowed in this area to promote tourism? Should hotels, condos, shopping, restaurants, etc., be allowed? And more…
  3. The Central Heber Neighborhoods
    • Should Heber City allow more residential types, or more commercial in the west and east side neighborhoods from 100 West to 600 West, and 100 East to 500 East? And more….

The next meeting is planned on Wednesday, May 3, 2023. Plan now to participate in both. You CAN make a difference for our City!Thank you for joining us at these Envision Central Heber Meetings.
Mayor Heidi Franco

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