Liberty Sanctuary’s Night of Freedom Fundraiser

Join equine enthusiasts, mentors, and other like-minded and caring individuals at Liberty Sanctuary’s NIGHT OF LIBERTY FUNDRAISER Thursday, July 27th at The Lakehouse at Deer Creek. Enjoy great tunes, a delicious meal by Savoury Kitchen, wines by Russian River Vineyards, an exclusive Trunk Show by JW Bennett, and an online auction.

Located right here in our own Heber Valley, Liberty Sanctuary’s mission is to “not only rehabilitate horses and donkeys found in kill pens but to share their stories and create awareness of their plight and unfair circumstances.” The non-profit’s aim is “. . . to advocate and be a voice for slaughter horses by promoting the SAFE Act and those seeking other solutions.”

As we celebrate our freedoms, state, and country during July, what better way to honor one of America’s symbols of Freedom – The American Horse – than to create awareness surrounding the unfathomable treatment of this noble animal? What better time to educate, share, and remind all that it is because of the horse that settlers were able to explore the country, head west, and enjoy progress?

Whether you ride and understand the close bond between humans and equines or you don’t ride or know much about horses but love animals and can relate to life’s challenges – Liberty Sanctuary is for you. “Offering these gracious animals justice matters. Doing the right thing matters. This is the Code of the West.”

To learn more about Liberty Sanctuary, their Night of Freedom Fundraiser, and how you can help offer freedom for equines rescued from the slaughter pipeline visit

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