Keeping Tradition Alive

The Milk House at Homestead Resort

You might have already visited and loved the new Milk House at the Homestead Resort but in case you haven’t, allow me to describe it to you.

The Homestead Resort has been a unique and beloved property in Utah since it opened in 1891 as a hotel and saloon built by Swiss immigrants Simon and Maria Schneitter. Fast forward to today and fans of the resort will be delighted to learn that the new owners have already begun an upgraded vision to the entire property while still maintaining the nostalgic, original feel of the family-friendly resort. Almost every building will receive a full-scale renovation. If you’ve visited recently, you will have noticed the beautiful changes already.

The Milk House is one of the oldest buildings at the Homestead and, it too, has received a much-needed renovation and has been transformed into a bright, open space. Built in the 1800s, the building was originally used to store dairy products. Over time, with the introduction of modern conveniences, it no longer needed to be used for storage and eventually was converted to be used as one of the resort’s hotel rooms. Today, it has been transformed once again. The new owners decided to keep to the true heritage of the space and return it to its original roots of being a dairy, so to speak.

The Homestead’s Milk House combines the best of the dessert world: a coffee shop and an ice cream parlor.

Open every day from 9:00 am-7:00 pm, the Milk House features goodies like specialty coffees and drinks, in-house pastries, their famous fresh resort fudge, and something that they are extra excited about — continuously-churned, fresh ice cream. What makes freshly churned ice cream so delicious? Its light and fluffy texture — it’s so smooth and creamy! It might be the best ice cream you will ever taste. There are always six flavors to choose from but they rotate them seasonally so there’s always something new. We spoke with Ashlyn, our barista, and she suggested we try the strawberry ice cream. We loved her recommendation. You can choose toppings or not, whatever you decide, it will be delicious. In case you’re in a hurry — they offer tubs of ice cream to go!

And don’t forget the fudge! There are the classic flavors but the most popular are the dark chocolate caramel sea salt and the coconut delight. I love that the tradition of making this incredible fudge in-house has remained an important and constant practice. Long-time ‘Homestead fudge’ lovers are pretty happy about it too.

One thing that I personally appreciate about the Milk House is all the seating available. I also love the beautiful bright open space and the comfortable atmosphere. In the warmer seasons, you can sit outside and admire the beautiful views of the updated lawn, event areas, and the building itself.

The new vibes of the property give off “someone loved this treasured property enough to bring it back to life.” The renovations show so much thought, planning, and effort to keep the resort around for another 132+ years.

Ashlyn shared that people from all over have been hearing about the new dairy and have loved making the drive to Midway to check it out. Anyone can stop in; you don’t have to be staying at the resort in order to enjoy the scrumptious treats found at the Milk House.

If you haven’t visited yet, I encourage you to go for a little drive to the Homestead’s Milk House. You might just discover a new favorite spot and maybe even a connection to the past, present, and future. I’ll see you there, save some strawberry ice cream for me!

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