Heber Valley Heritage Initiative

How fortunate we are to live in this valley of breathtaking beauty and wonderful people, both present and past. The history of the greater Heber valley is rich and varied, including individuals and families who have exhibited qualities of courage, faith and determination.

An organization has been formed called the “Heber Valley Heritage Foundation”, led by Michael Moulton along with a team committed to the preservation of the history and stories of the great people who settled here. Current technology is making this dream more achievable than in years past.

We are pleased to announce work is well underway to digitize the significant heroic opus of work by Dr. Raymond R. Green, complied over 40 years. This collection of documents, photos, articles, certificates, personal and family histories, and stories will now be available for all to reference. It is a treasure for all to enjoy.

“The Dr. Raymond R. Green Community Digitization Center” has been established and will offer free digitalization of documents, photos, and other memorabilia to our community. It will be walk-in center. Look for more information in the coming weeks.

The center will operate entirely with volunteer help. Resources are needed in terms of volunteer hours and funding, to preserve the historical documents and stories that are being assembled, but it will be a wonderful opportunity to serve the community. We encourage those who are willing to help this work in any way, to contact Michael Moulton at [email protected]

It has been said that we must make it possible to easily seek counsel from past generations. We feel this project will preserve treasured information and history to both current and future residents of this very special and beautiful place.

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