Heber City Announces Parking Ticket Forgiveness Initiative

It’s tough work driving a snowplow. When everyone else is staying in, they are going out in the worst weather. The plows are there earlier than the commuters trying to keep the roads clear, even while it’s still snowing. And it’s almost impossible to clear the roads well when cars are parked along the street.

That’s why it is against City Code to park on the street when plowing is necessary. But some are surprised about the regulations. In fact, Heber City police have given over 300 tickets in the past few weeks for parking on the street during and after snowstorms!

Heber City has now announced a Parking Ticket Forgiveness Initiative. The Police Department is willing to forgive the citations from now through February 22nd at 5:00 p.m. Those with parking tickets can bring 5 non-perishable, non-expired food items to the Heber City police building, the Heber City Public Works building, or the Heber City Building. The food should be presented along with the parking ticket, and the parking citation will be forgiven. All food will be donated to local food banks.

“You may bring more food items. You may bring food items if you don’t even have a ticket,” said Mayor Potter in her weekly Facebook message. She also reminded everyone to “drive safe, and don’t park on the streets during the snow.”

For future reference, the Heber City Municipal Code reads, “Beginning November 15th of each year and terminating April 1st, it is unlawful to park or leave parked any vehicle upon the City’s paved portion of the street or within five feet thereof under the following circumstances:

  1. When there is any amount of snow on the street;
  2. When it is actually snowing or within twenty-four hours thereafter; or
  3. The street has not been plowed since the snow fell.”

Any vehicle that is parked in violation of this rule may be impounded. (10.16.040)

In addition, in section 10.16.070, Heber City prohibits many other types of parking on public streets at all times. These include trailers, boats, farm equipment, construction vehicles, dumpsters, off-highway vehicles, campers, etc.

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