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Kimball Art Center
Kimball Art Center
1251 Kearns Blvd, Park City, UT 84060

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Apr 08 2023


8:00 am - 6:00 pm

Between Life and Land: Material

Introducing Between Life and Land a three-part exhibition series taking place over the course of the coming calendar year and examining our relationship to land through the lens of more than 30 artists. Each exhibition in the series explores a singular theme to bring a deeper understanding of how this relationship has formed, evolved, and today continues to change.

On display December 9, 2022 – April 9, 2023, Between Life and Land: Material introduces artists who create work from a direct engagement with earthen forms and materials. From the ephemerality of Sara Lynne Lindsay’s Decomposing Quilt, to the intricate detail displayed in David Brooks’ cast aluminum forests, this work shows the undeniable beauty in landscapes both near and far while also exploring our connections to place, time, and the larger cosmos.

Image credit: Mary Mattingly

Participating artists: Collin Bradford, David Brooks, Nancy Holt, Patrick Dean Hubbell, Sara Lynne Lindsay, Stefan Lesueur, Colour Maisch, Mary Mattingly, Robert Smithson, and Rodrigo Valenzuela.

Interactive Art Experiences: In addition to viewing the art, visitors are invited to engage with and create interactive art projects including:

  • Create a Cairn – Cairns mark the trail in nature; join us in creating a sculpture using natural materials to mark your trail.
  • Paint with Water – Paint an ephemeral masterpiece and explore how water interacts on natural materials.
  • Add Your Mark to the Collaborative Quilt – Create your own unique design using the provided natural materials and place it on the pedestal.
  • Reshape the Landscape  –  Create a small land art artwork! Using the available tools and natural materials, build up or carve into this miniature landscape.
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