Ventum Racing

What is it about Wasatch County that is so attractive to residents and visitors from around the world? Perhaps the 2002 Winter Olympic Games played a role in introducing the Heber Valley to the world, or maybe three beautiful state parks have helped brand the area. Nobody could blame a person for wanting to visit here, and if the past dozen years have proved anything, people clearly want to live here. After all, the Heber Valley is located less than an hour from the Salt Lake City International Airport, and just a quick,…

Revitalizing Main Street

Real estate prices in the Heber Valley continue to climb like never before. Just before the great recession of 2007, home prices spiraled up until the housing market bubble burst — leaving many property owners scrambling to pay one or more mortgages on their portfolio of real estate assets. Since around 2010, real estate values have steadily increased until the point where property values are equal to and even greater than they were before the recession. A thriving real estate market in the Heber Valley presents both

Heber City General Plan

Looking To The Past To Prepare For The Future As Warren Buffett once stated, “Someone’s sitting in the shade today because someone else planted a tree a long time ago.” For more than a century, Heber City leaders have created a myriad of plans to address various community issues. Some of these plans hit the mark and created the  proverbial shade that so many people presently enjoy. Other, less-than-perfect plans lacked the foresight to address many of the challenges of today. The Need For An Updated Plan

Building Bridges of Unity

Since its establishment in 1862, Wasatch County has been recognized as a community that builds bridges. Some of these bridges include well-engineered structures that enable people to cross the Provo River at various locations. Other bridges, however, are built on a foundation of support, honorable relationships and understanding. In a period of unprecedented population growth, the challenges that Wasatch County faces have never been greater. Similarly, the need for building bridges of unity is at an all-time high.…

Community Alliance For Main Street

In 2003 various business owners formed the Community Alliance for Main Street (CAMS) — an organization dedicated to enhancing Heber City’s most visible traffic corridor. The CAMS group established a non-profit organization and spent several years advocating for improvements to Heber’s Main Street. Among the many accomplishments of the original CAMS group is the investment made into street posts, garbage cans and benches. Additionally, the CAMS organization helped identify design standards for Main Street businesses. Due…

Keep it Local

In the summer of 2015, the Heber Valley Chamber of Commerce created a new initiative called “Keep it Local.” The sole objective of the program is to strengthen our economy by promoting the concept of dining, shopping and playing local. To help further this cause, the Chamber decided to raise money through its annual golf tournament to invest into themed orange, green and blue street banners. During most summer days, these banners decorate Heber and Midway’s streets and remind residents to “Keep it Local.” While shopping…